After Confirmation


As a new Catholic (3/30/13) I started a group " After Confirmation" for new converts wishing to discuss progress and share knowledge. If your feeling a little bit like “now what” join in and share. My wish is to continue to go forward.


Do you have to be confirmed to join this group? I’ve been in RCIA since last January and I watched 2 groups go through confirmation and here I am. I can’t go through confirmation until my husband gets his annulment done, my papers have all been turned in, and so I’m just sort of waiting around. I believe in the theology and ready to move forward but I can’t do anything yet- it’s very discouraging. Anyway, would love to join a group of likeminded people.


The answer to “Now what?” is to go preach and live the Gospel boldly.

Confirmation is your personal participation in Pentecost. Before Pentecost the disciples were locked in the upper room out of fear. After they received the Holy Spirit they spoke out boldly and lived the faith openly, not afraid even to die.

That is the answer to “Now what?”



Anyone is welcome. Last year I was in a group for those in RCIA. I miss the contact and sharing.


Thank you Tim,
Your are indeed right, however as someone who was not a cradle Catholic I feel there is still much I need and would like to learn.


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