After Death - does the soul sleep?

What is taught by the church or what biblical references are there to souls sleeping after death? I am not talking about the belief in “soul sleep” as a doctrine. I just want to know, if we sometimes are put into a sleep after our death?

No, our souls don’t sleep after death. Upon death, our soul leaves our body, is judged and goes to either Heaven, Purgatory (a place of preparation for eventual entry into Heaven) or Hell. From there, if a soul is in Purgatory, it can advance to Heaven when God determines it has been suitably prepared. If a soul is in Heaven or Hell, it just stays there till the end of the world, at which point our bodies will be resurrected and rejoined with our souls, then sent on to the new world God will create or condemned once again by God to eternal punishment.

No sleeping involved.

Sleep as we know it on earth is a bodily function designed as part of the physical operation of the body. Souls after death are not in a physical body and have no need to sleep.


Jesus referred to Lazarus as sleeping and the disciples didn’t understand what he meant.

One can perhaps say that the body of a dead person is figuratively, asleep because it is just going to lay there in a state of non-functioning (and decay, whatever) until God raises it. But the soul is not asleep, and the OP asked about the soul.

Lazarus’ soul would have been in the Limbo of the Fathers until Jesus raised him from the dead. It would not have been sleeping.

You mean like resting in peace?

He meant inactivity from a human/body point of view not referring to the soul. In the parable of the rich man and Lazarus, Jesus says Lazarus died and was carried by angels to Abraham’s bosom. No sleep was mentioned.

The Disciples had a more down to earth belief system. Lazarus was dead. more than 3 days passed. They knew what that meant, he was already on its way to decomposition and putrefaction.
Not a pretty sight or smell for that matter.
Jesus tells them. Don’t worry Lazarus is just asleep.
He who has the power over life and death, to him death has no power. Indeed Lazarus is asleep. Of course the Disciples did not understand Him, how could they. He just had to command him. “Lazarus come out” And he came back from the eternal sleep back to life.

I have reason to believe some souls do go into a sleep after death.

Since the Church teaches that there is no such thing, you might want to think about whether the Church or your reason is more likely right.

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