After Death


i heard that the eastern orthodox and the oriental orthodox believe that after we die, we will be confined in a third place, and will not go to heaven or hell until the final judgement… we believe that our judgement takes place immediately… my question is, why do the orthodox believe this ?? where do they get this idea from ?? and where do we get our idea from ??? and why do we believe that ?? god bless


Huh? :confused:


they believe when they die they will go to a third place, and will stay there awaiting judgement, and will not go to heaven or hell until christ returns… why do they believe this ?


That is how it was in the OT, before Christ’s death on the Cross which open the gates of Heaven to all who believe in God’s Son (Look at Luke 16:19-31, everyone went to Hades on either side). But we know that now everyone who are saved goes to Heaven as the Apostle Paul taught.

I am not sure why Eastern Orthodox don’t believe you go to Heaven or Hell after death, but rather are sent to “Hades”…


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