After IDF raid, aid makes its way to Gaza

Ashdod Port workers unload cargo from three ships that took part in sail to Strip. Head of Coordination and Liaison Office says goods found on flotilla include 100 electric scooters, tons of medical equipment. ‘The entire sail was propagandist and provocative,’ he adds,7340,L-3897599,00.html

Colonel Moshe Levy, head of the Gaza Coordination and Liaison Office, said that “there was no need for this cargo. The same goods have been sent into Gaza over the past year on a regular basis. There were more than 100 electric scooters, and tons of medical equipment. This proves that the entire sail was propagandist and provocative and had nothing to do with aid.”

What was the ship carrying? Any military supplies? Explosives? Maybe it was the same ship that carried Saddam’s WMDs out of Iraq in 2002.

Israel lies as usual.

"The World Health Organization (WHO) says Israel is blocking vital medical supplies from entering the Gaza Strip. The U.N. agency says it is impossible to maintain a well-functioning health system if necessary supplies are not available. "

With US support.
It makes me sick this country has become nothing more than Israel’s overzealous big brother.

Maybe those electric scooters were explosive scooters!
My goodness… imagine what Hamas would do with a fleet of Segways?

Of course Israel would deny that these supplies are neccessary and carefully omit whatelse the flotilla was carrying such as prefabricated homes, food, and clothing. The majority of Gaza is in ruins, a large portion of the population lives in tent cities, and the vast majority is wholly dependent on the charity of the UN for food (which also points out that they don’t have enough to meet the basic needs of Gazan residents) yet Israel denies that there is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza so it hast to be consistent you see.

those prefab homes would get bulldozed anyway by Israel of course.

Not anymore, since Inauguration day 2009.


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If the IHH convoy were sincere in bringing aid to Gaza, they would have gone to Ashdod in the first place. The whole thing was a publicity stunt. I think the Israeli’s care more about the Palestinians in Gaza than Hamas does.

IDF: Hamas stops flotilla aid delivered by Israel

Jerusalem (CNN) – Israel has attempted to deliver humanitarian aid from an international flotilla to Gaza, but Hamas – which controls the territory – has refused to accept the cargo, the Israel Defense Forces said Wednesday.
Palestinian sources confirmed that trucks that arrived from Israel at the Rafah terminal at the Israel-Gaza border were barred from delivering the aid.

Israel said it had 20 trucks of aid found on the ships, such as expired medications, clothing, blankets, some medical equipment and toys.

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