After Joe Biden's interview with Cardi B and later Melania's speech at RNC, Cardi B Posts Nude Photo and Remark on Melania In Response to tweet US needs more women like Melania and less like rapper

So Joe Biden does an interview with Cardi B and now Melania gets drawn into it and it gets nasty.

The interview with Biden doesn’t appear to be relevant to the interaction. Cardi’s tweet was in response to a tweet by the author contrasting Cardi B and Melania. Cardi B draws a similarity in response. Also, naked and partially exposed pictures of Melania have been available to the public for some time. Cardi B is not the original publisher of the photographs.

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It is relevant as I believe that is why the first tweet was made as a comparison. Cardi B did not even have to respond.

Instead she made an offensive remark.

Cardi B is not even close to being as good as Melania Trump. With her filthy mouth, nasty lyrics, and general behavior in the public eye, she thinks she wants to get into politics? Good luck with that.


What the heck kind of headline is that? I can’t make heads or tails out of it!


Nor does she have to remain silent. Welcome the the USA, where one is without obligation to respond or remain silent. Making the comparison between Melania and Cardi B to the public invites response from the public. Cardi is one of many to respond.

But at least her response stayed within the constraints of the Twitter community guidelines.

Offense is a matter of taste and something that I won’t debate. But to me, it came down to her saying that Melania has also profited off of the production of sexually stimulating imagery and provided supportive evidence.

Yep and I’ve seen Melania Trump’s nude work and soft-porn pictures, they’re not exactly the most shocking thing ever but it is certainly true the woman used her body and sex to sell herself in her own youth, she has a more genteel style of speech than Cardi B and I find her music awful (although that’s a matter of taste of course) but neither could claim any moral high ground on the issue of nude modelling.

I’m kind of surprised at the places where her last song has hit the top of charts. But at the same time, in what might be something that comes with age, I’m typically uninterested in songs that happen to become popular. Heck, a lot of my favourite artists are dead or over the age of 50.

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