After mass shootings kill 31 people, Limbaugh focuses on abortion: “You just cannot have abortion ... and have that not have some impact on the popular perception of the sanctity of life”

RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): I think we’ve got cultural rot, folks. We’ve lost social moorings – there aren’t any guardrails or they are very, very wide now, allowing for a wide berth on the highway of right and wrong. I still believe, and I have believed for a long time, that you just cannot have abortion, the killing of over a million babies a year, and have that not have some impact on the popular perception of the sanctity of life. I don’t know to what degree that it plays a role, but it has to play, in my estimation, a significant role.

I am sure there are few in media who see any relationship.


That’s because it’s a non sequitur. I could just as easily tie in Arnold Schwarzenegger films.

Mother Angelica spoke about this a whole lot. Does she have no moral compass?


His brother converted to the catholic faith and I think he may be more influenced by his brother. He is telling it how he sees it. When the society has rotted, what can you expected?


Mother Teresa, also, in her speech at National Prayer Breakfast.


True but he ratings would stay high regardless and he is a very wealthy man with no direct heirs so I doubt it is just about money.

I have trouble believing that a single man in his 50s getting caught coming into the US with Viagra in someone else’s name on the prescription really cares about abortion. Men need to be pro-life in their sexual lives first.

This was flagged so that I could have a chance to edit it, but I don’t really understand how talking about sexual morality with regards to a discussion of abortion is off-topic.

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His does have sins we all have heard about but so did King David. I really don’t know how he lives or what he does with his money.

Mother Theresa JP II also spoke of this.


He has no children so I doubt it will end up in n abortion but still I am not condoning his behavior. As i said I have no idea how he lives and how he spends his wealth.

Sex outside of marriage makes children, so I don’t know how your argument that he has no children can mean anything.

I am simply stating that he himself has never had children, I don’t think that is by choice but who knows the facts?

I doubt it. I think that would have been all over the news.

Why do you doubt it?

I do appreciate the difficulties involved in this issue. I do believe, we need to value all life to start to solve our problems even partially, the unborn, those suffering from ailments and those in prison. All life.


There are millions of Americans who have used contraception and have not had abortions. Basically all Protestants use contraception and despite clear church teaching the vast majority of Catholics use contraception. I would hazard a guess that a good chunk of Catholics on this very site have used contraception, simply going by statistics. Are you suggesting that the vast majority of Americans, Protestants, and Catholics have had abortions because they use contraception? There are millions of Americans who oppose abortion who also believe contraceptive use is ok.

Moreover, Viagra is not contraception. There is nothing morally problematic with Catholics, let alone anyone else, using Viagra in their marriage.

Trying to tie Limbaugh to abortions through some specious connections because you don’t like the man is sad.


When Limbaugh was caught with viagra, he was not married and had been on a trip to the Dominican Republic. He glorified this by saying on his show, “I had a great time in the Dominican Republic. Wish I could tell you about it.”

I was listening at the time he talked of this on his show.

Did Mother Angelica say that white supremacist shootings were because of abortion? We had twice as many abortions as now from 1980 to 1996, and I don’t remember so may white supremacist shootings during that period.

How is sex outside of marriage not relevant to a discussion of abortion?

I wonder why you would write this except to distract from the fact that you are losing the argument.

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