After Referees Blunder, Next Call Is a Judge’s


NY Times:

**After Referees Blunder, Next Call Is a Judge’s **

LOCUST GROVE, Okla. — The marquee at the Quik Shop in this rural town says, “Go Pirates Win State.” It seems a reasonable expectation for undefeated and top-ranked Locust Grove High School, considering its star quarterback has thrown 65 touchdown passes this season and only five interceptions.Yet, the Class 3A playoffs for Oklahoma’s midsize schools are being delayed in a state that takes football as seriously as the weather. The next play will be made in a courtroom, not on the field.

On Wednesday, a district judge is scheduled to affirm or invalidate Locust Grove’s disputed 20-19 quarterfinal victory Nov. 28 over Frederick A. Douglass High School of Oklahoma City. Douglass is seeking to have the final 64 seconds or the entire game replayed because of an admitted and crucial mistake made by the referees in negating a late touchdown.
At issue, essentially, is whether the mistake should be corrected or whether human error should be allowed to stand as one of life’s harsh but unavoidable lessons.

Please tell me this is a joke. I know we are a litigious country but this is ridiculous. And I would have expected Sooners to have better sense.
Life is unfair. Deal with it.


Let’s just make everybody a winner. That’ll shut em up.


There is an old joke about three referees talking:

New referee with least experience: “I calls 'em the way I sees 'em!”

Second referee with more experience: “I calls 'em the way they are!”

Third, oldest referee with lots of experience: “Hey! They ain’t nuthin’ until I calls 'em!”

From this, one could make the argument that referees are always right, by definition.


And this is why I’m a soccer fan! :wink:


A later news story stated that the judge has declined to intervene. Wise move. Precedents for judicial intervention on sports calls would bring our litigious society to a whole new level.


Ain’t that the truth.


Why does that make a difference?




If I were the judge, this would be the entirety of the proceedings: “Why am I wasting time on this nonsense when I could be dispensing real justice? Case is dismissed with severe prejudice and a stern admonition for plaintiffs to get a life, already!”

Edit in: If I had just looked at DeniseNY’s post just one up before opening my yap, I’d have seen the judge pretty much said exactly that :smiley:


Because soccer fans well know the ref is the decision maker. Instead of challenging their decisions we just complain and have a beer.


I posted on this when it first happened. The comments by the coaches and even an OK state senator are crazy.

From there, Pittman (the OK state senator):
The community leaders said they believe racial bias may have played a role in the officiating though they stopped short of calling it a racist issue. Pittman and other Oklahoma City leaders called for “justice” and “change” in the OSSAA.

“It’s not a black or white thing, it’s about doing the right thing,” Pittman said.



Both of my kids played soccer, and I never noticed a decision maker phenomenon. I have noticed news reports of tens of thousands of soccer fans rioting and killing some of the spectators.


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