After School Satan Club?

Looks like the Satanic Temple has their next pet project all lined up. They’re going after programs designed for kids after school which are run by fundamentalist Christian groups at Public Schools. Namely the Interdenominational Good News Club which operates in 3500 schools nationwide. They object to Christian groups having access to public schools in this manner and as a result are launching what they’re terming “After School Satan” which will also be available in public schools that host the Good News Club.

Their release video for the project can be viewed in the link below. :eek:

I don’t take them seriously. Sure, they’re messing with some evil stuff in any instance, but 90% of them are just atheists, agnostics, and secularists who pretend to worship Satan (and Satan is a Judaic concept that spread to the rest of the Abrahamic religions). A very small portion of Satanists actually believe in or worship Satan.

This is likely just a sick joke on their part. :mad:

What sane parent would let their kid go to a Satanic club? Or is the Satanic club not asking the parents and just telling the kids themselves to come? Either way it’s creepy.

RT, originally Russia Today, is a television network funded by the Russian government. It is considered an opinion site, not a news source.

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