After the Fall


Now I’m wondering more and more about first man and woman Adam and Eve. They are so mythological (yet were truly real) and they seem so far away to me, and I’ve always been interested in their lives as real people. I know their story, from their creation to the temptation and being driven out of the Garden and the Fall. What I’m curious about is….
Is it known, or speculated, what Adam and Eve did, exactly, after they were driven out? They obviously had to live somewhere other than that beautiful Garden. I know the geographical location is probably not known, only speculated, but are there writings anywhere that say if they built themselves a house? They had many sons and daughters, and of course there is the story of Cain and Abel, but I picture at that time, all of the earth was nothing but trees, rivers, greenery, like a neverending garden. There would have been no villages yet, and really not much going on as the only people existing at that time were Eve, her husband and children, and, of course, the animals and creatures of the water and land. In general, what might their daily lives have been like?
I know, this is a very heavy question, and the answer might be… “How should I know?” :oBut it’s interesting and fun to wonder about, and any ideas are believable.


A &E does not convey anthropological truth. It’s about the beginnings of humanity’s relationship with God. It’s not scientific, it is salvific in nature.

But those are interesting questions about which it is fun to surmise what the answers are. I think that right after God kicked them out of the garden, it would have been like it is on the show, “Naked and Afraid”.


Well we know Cain found his wife in the ‘land of Nod’, so if there was a female there, more than likely she had parents, they had parents, etc, the bible does not talk about any other villages or civilizations during this time except the one mention of the land of Nod.

While we dont know the exact location where Eden was, it definitely was somewhere in the present middle east, so makes you wonder what was going on in other continents at the time, there could have been large villages everywhere.


“Nod” just means “wandering.” So when Cain was “dwelling in the wandering land,” he was just tooling around as a nomad. (Pretty standard for a guy with herds in the ancient world.)

It’s awfully cliche, but Cro-Magnons liked to live in caves when they could, just as Neanderthals liked to live in caves. I think I recall hearing that there’s at least one cave in Israel that had both Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon inhabitants at some point. The benefits are
that you’re out of the weather (as long as there are no underground streams) and the temperature stays the same year round.

When the first people didn’t have a convenient cave, they probably just wandered around too.

We don’t know much about how the first built shelters appeared. Humans have a tendency to like to shelter under trees, so probably people started with just creating improved windbreaks or camping places. Sod houses were probably invented pretty early, too, as an improvement on animal burrows and caves. Lean-tos and tents made of animal skins or leather probably also showed up early. But of course it’s very hard to find evidence of something made with naturally biodegradable materials, except for things like postholes and firepits, which would have come along later.


Thankyou all for your thoughts on this:)


I think it was the Manot Cave.


They were sent into the wilderness, where death reigned.


Hard. Very hard.


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