After we die and are being judged is it possible that we would have knowledge about prior events on earth?

For instance would we remember our family and friends?

let me first say and make this clear none of us can possibly have the answer for we don’t know what eternity will be like all we can do is speculate

but I think we will, we will be outside of time so we can see God’s creation of the universe and the end at the same time. I believe God sees time like this so we may see like this after we die.

There’s no reason to believe you wouldn’t. Your human mind is spiritual, and thus would survive death. It will not function while “dead,” but will once you are awakened to the other life (eternal life).

You need your head for knowing; but in eternal life, you will have a new “head”, a “spiritual body” (1 Corinthians 15).

In Scripture, when the next life is spoken of, those who are in it remember their human life. In Luke 16, the “Rich Man” remembered Lazarus and knew him (although neither had their natural body). In Revelation, the “souls” under the “altar” remember their deaths and ask GOD for justice (Rv 6:9).

The “communion of saints” which is formal Church teaching, requires that those in the next life know and remember us, since they intercede for us.

God Bless and ICXC NIKA.

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