AG Kroger to investigate Adams scandal

Okay, this is mainly a Portland Oregon news story, but it helps demonstrate how depraved the Northwest has become. That many people up here will give him a pass for taking advantage of a young boy on his staff, over which he had great authority, but howl if a Catholic priest puts his hand on the shoulder of a teenager just goes to show how twisted people are here.

This is a news story about the newly inaugurated mayor of Portland, and openly homosexual man. Several years ago, there were rumors that he had a sexual relationship with a 17-year old intern. Sam Adams, then a county commissioner, denied these rumors calling them “homo-phobic slander” and an attempt to paint homosexuals as pedophiles.

Yesterday, the now mayor of Portland Oregon, Sam Adams, has admitted to lying about the relationship but claims that he waited until the intern’s 18th birthday to have sex with him.

To me, it is not credible that this man, who, as a typical homosexual has little impulse control when it comes to keeping his fly zipped, waited until it was arguably legal to rape this boy, a young intern on Adams’ staff. His sexual relatioship, possibly even rape, was, as the Portland Tribune’s editoria said, sexual opportunism. Sam Adams is in his mid 40’s and the victim was a teenager.

The mayor of Portland is an admitted liar and homosexual philanderer with a taste for boys.

Oregon Attorney General John Kroger will lead an investigation into the conduct of Portland Mayor Sam Adams who has admitted he had a sexual relationship with an 18-year-old he met in 2005.

Kroger agreed to conduct the inquiry after being asked to do so by Portland Police Chief Rosie Sizer and Multnomah County District Attorney Michael Schrunk, The Oregonian learned this morning. Details about the inquiry – specifically what Kroger will look into – were not immediately available.

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rpp, I am across the Columbia River from you. I can not do more then read the headlines in The Oregonian. It is all beyond words; the national scene and the local scene.

He is an ongoing embarrassment to Portland. This man is walking proof that homosexuality is a mental disorder.

Is he? Are the much more extreme actions of somebody like Jack the Ripper proof that heterosexuality is a mental disorder?

Pejorative comments, uninformed opinions and clearly misleading statements such as this do not dignify a response. Not to mention it is off topic

Meanwhile, even the local gay-oriented newspaper “Just Out” is calling for Mayor Adams to step down.

I would like to link to their actual site and their original article but I am unable to. Because of the images on the site, posting that link would be a violation of the code of conduct for this forum. Instead, I will post a link to a story referencing that article on a regular news site.

First of all, its perfectly on topic. One man’s actions are not evidence that his sexual orientation is a mental disorder.

Secondly, yours is actually the pejorative comment.

What are you talking about? Rape is never legal. Are you saying that he coerced sex from this 18 year old? And someone that old is not a boy.

I agree that a 40 year old having sex with an 18 year old is distasteful, but it is certainly legal and I don’t doubt that it happens with some frequency, whether heterosexual or homosexual.

When someone in authority has sex with their lowest level subordinate, it is not believable that some amount of coercion was not involved, even if it was unspoken. The mere position that the then City Commissioner of Portland held compared to a high school student intern on his staff makes that power difference clear.

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Yesterday, the now mayor of Portland Oregon, Sam Adams, has admitted to lying about the relationship but claims that he waited until the intern’s 18th birthday to have sex with him.

What age was the boy when he met him and what does he define sex as?

There should be a thorough investigation and if there is any evidence
that he had a relationship with with underage boy, he should be fired.


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