AG Will Probe Indiana Planned Parenthood for Rape Coverup

Indianapolis, IN – Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter says his office will investigate a Bloomington Planned Parenthood abortion business accused of covering up a potential case of statutory rape. The Planned Parenthood was exposed in a new video taken by a pro-life student acting undercover.

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Good! This definitely needs to be investigated. Maybe the Indiana Planned Parenthood will be shut down. That would definitely be a victory for the pro-lifers! :thumbsup:

it sure would be.

also if it happens they need to do the same thing in every state. while some may catch on im sure there are plenty of people so intent on peddling death that it would keep working and we could have us a pro-life blitzkriege

Not a blitzkrieg. The blitzkrieg was for the Axis, and in this analogy we’re the Allies. Try D-Day. :thumbsup:

i know about what side we are versus them, but the blitz took over all eurpoe, d-day didnt even liberate a whole country. just saying.


How about the Battle of Midway? :slight_smile:

fair compromise

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