Again AnneAnne from Israel - apology

Please accept my apology. I didn’t intend anything. I’m just longing for orthodoxy Catholicism and I miss it very much in Israel.

Thank you for answering and God bless you all.


No problem, Anne.

God bless you! :slight_smile:

What are you apologizing for? Are you an apologist?

You have nothing to apologize for. I am sorry to hear of the situation in Israel.

Maybe she’s apologizing for being an apologist? :smiley:

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

OK. Sorry for apologizing the apologizing. Now is it OK? :slight_smile:

welcome, we have another participant from Israel, who actually has not chimed in for a while, stillsmallvoice, so we do have a presence there. we are always interested in how the political situation affects Christians there, and feedback on local customs etc. let us all agree to confine our apologies to the apologetics forum. this forum is for discussion on topics dear to the hearts of Catholics who self-identify as “traditional”–Latin Mass, mantillas, rejection of V2 etc.

What were you apologizing for in the first post?

AnneAnne, we live in Herzilya Petuach and drive to Jerusalem for Mass every Saturday evening. We couldn’t drive on Sunday morning even if we wanted to because the traffic is so bad it would take two hours to get there. Where do you go to Mass? I know that is hard to find a Mass without handholding, guitars etc, but it is not impossible. Try the Notre Dame Center across from the New Gate. It is run by the Legionaries of Christ who offer a very reverent Mass. The Saturday evening 6:30 Mass usually has a good organist. The 9:00 Sunday morning Mass has a guitar group, I have been told. The Legionaries will also hear your confession if make an appointment. The Notre Dame Center also has a French resturant and a snack bar that makes a great cheeseburger!

Thanks dear and they have a great chocolate moss too. Small world… :slight_smile:

Just to show everyone what a small world this is, it turns out that AnneAnne and I actually know each other! She e-mailed me on my regular e-mail. We will be going to Mass and dinner afterwards together this Saturday evening! We got a good laugh out of this.

That is so neat!!!God bless you all!

Thanks!!! Many blessings to you and all the forum members! :slight_smile:

See you tommorw. :slight_smile: :rotfl: :thumbsup:

Beautiful thing!!!

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