Again, mistaken for a Priest

It is not so much that I dress like a Priest, but that Priests in southern California, with our mild weather, tend to dress down. I wear dark blue trousers and a lighter blue T-shirt. Blue is the color of the BVM, of course.:slight_smile:

I wear a 5 inch San Damiano crucifix around my neck. It is a cheap paper copy pasted on cheap wood, and strung around my neck with a cheap, old shoe lace. Very Franciscan:D

I was in the parking lot of Albertson’s supermarket, taking home two large containers of cat litter. I was whistling “Veni, Veni Emmanuel” when a lady came up to me and asked if I was a Priest. This happens at times to those of us in the CFP, and we have been told to politely inform the questioner that we were not, but did they have any intentions that they would like us to pray for them. The lady asked me to pray for her intention (a private matter) and I said I would.:thumbsup:

(Did I mention the corded Franciscan Rosary I wear on belt?:rolleyes:)


That used to happen to a friend of mine who had the habit of wearing a large crucifix outside his shirt.
One time he was stopped by police for some traffic violation. The police officer addressed him as ‘father’ and wouldn’t listen to any words to the contrary. He also wouldn’t issue a ticket!!

The above made me laugh out loud.

but seriously, that is interesting. People have asked me if I am a nun- on more than one occasion! I don’t go around wearing a habit but I often wear skirts. People also very often assume I was homeschooled. When I was in school, someone in class made a derogatory comment about home schooling and everyone looked at me! And I kept looking around like, “What??” :shrug:

Very interesting story! I too have been mistaken for a priest before, but only once. I wasn’t even wearing any dark clothing, or anything with a collar, or any conspicuous religious items. But apparently someone thought I was a priest!

That’s actually pretty funny. One time my sister and I were mistaken for nuns because we were both wearing long black skirts with black coats (and we were also with a religious brother who was wearing his full habit).

When I wear blue, it’s not because I’m thinking of Our Lady, even though I am consecrated to her. I keep all my medals and crucifix tucked in my shirt. And I keep my rosary in a pouch in my pocket.

But I’m still Catholic and try my best to be Christian.

I was given a large St Benedict crucifix when I made my oblation, but I wear a smaller one, 1" because when I have worn the large one people–once a priest–have asked why I am wearing a bishop’s cross. people call me Sr. Annie all the time even though I have pictures of my grandchildren all over my office and my husband is a very active and visible volunteer in the parish. I am thinking if dying my hair green and cutting it into a mohawk and gettting some piercings. I wear dress pants for work, dresses on Sunday and anytime we will be in church, obvious dresses with jewelry, but I still get this.

Have you ever thought that maybe someone is trying to tell you something?
you know, like giving you a message?? Ever thought of being a deacon?
Have you started, you know your journey closer to God
pray on it, I’ll pray for you too

Ummmm…<shuffles feet, looks embarrased>…well, yes, I have had thoughts of being a Deacon, or a Monk, or even a Priest.:blush: But I came to the Catholic Church at the age of 62. I am now 65. I am considered to be too old and inflexable. :frowning:

Oddly enough, when I was a teenager, I considered becoming a Lutheran Minister, but the money wasn’t there, and I ended up in the US Navy to learn a paying skill. (Computer/electronics technician).

WHO TOLD YOU, YOU WERE TOO OLD? You’re just the right age.
GOd used Moses and all those men from the old testament and they were like ancient about 100 yrs, 500 yrs old and other ages I can’t remember look it up in your bible.

If I were you, you should ask your pastor and priests and the other lay ministers this instant.(The church always needs stable , mellow, older wiser men) if you have thoughts of serving the church as a minister, YOu need to follow God and go to a discernment retreat and start studying to become a deacon this year!.
Either way,
whether you become one or not, you will be stronger in your faith. besides deacons can marry (only once after they are a deacon) and priests cannot! YOu have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Want me to pray for you? God, what do you want this man to do?
God said HE WANTS YOU! Better say Yes to God! It’s for your own good!
“He calling you out of darknees, into his own wonderful light.”

I wish that I were mistaken for a priest, but with my ugly mug I’m often mistaken for a member of the godfather’s family, you know, the one that does all the dirty work…

PAX DOMINI :signofcross:

Shalom Aleichem

If you want to be mistaken for a priest, Start hanging around them!
Their mannerisms WILL rub off on you.

ever heard the saying…

you are something …something… by the company you keep!
Besides, you can help the priests.

The permanent diaconate came rather late to our diocese. Our first deacons were ordained in 2003. There are still many who try to call the deacons, father, and think they are priests. For the first few years we chased after people to assure them we were deacons and not priests. Still, we get folks unfamiliar with deacons. Deacons always introduce themselves as deacon but many times when they are done with a baptism or other liturgical function, they hear a “Thank you Father!”

The Church needs people such as yourself! :slight_smile: I know how you feel, I was once mistaken for a seminarian by my parish Priest! I’ll be honest, it sometimes feels like Someones trying to tell me something haha. I too have also thought about the Priesthood, I recommend talking with a Priest you will feel comfortable with; I know it has definitely helped me. God Bless and Happy New Year!

I have never been mistaken for a priest, but I have been mistaken for a sinner! :o

Oops! Now that I think of it, probably they were correct! :smiley:

I have been mistaken for a sinner!

Oops! Now that I think of it, probably they were correct!

Haha agreed.

You should say, “No,I’m a bishop! Didn’t you see my pectoral cross?”

Pax tecum. I’ll be here all week.

Apologies for the delay in reply. I was on retreat 28 December - 1 January. OK, I stopped by the Archdoicese Of Los Angeles website. Here is the relevent page…

As you will note, those over 60 will undergo a stricter scrutiny. I am age 65.

Also note that I am supposed to have been active in some Ministery work for one year. Well, I haven’t, at least as far as Catholic Church Minsitery goes. But I am QUITE active in Alcoholics Anonymous, having 25 years sobriety and experience in helping newcomers.

That is why I spent a lot of time on that retreat thinking over what you wrote to me. I will have to talk about this wiith my Spiritual Director and others, but it may be that God wants me to stay right where I am, helping alcoholics and drug addicts.

But thanks for the encouragement.

No matter what you are doing good for God’s people. He will lead you where He needs you in His vineyard. Thank you for all that you do!

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