Again we wait for the Islamic outrage...and wait...and wait.

Well, once again over the weekend we foiled some Islamic terrorists that were out to blow up some stuff and kill some Americans. After these events, I always ask the same question: If Islamic leaders around the world are so anti-terrorism, where was the public outcry in the last couple of days over the planned terror attack?

For that matter, where is the Islamic outrage over Ahmadinejad every time that moron gets up and denies the holocaust or says Israel should be wiped off the map…like he did this weekend.

I am just curious here why it is that the prominent members of the “Religion of Peace” fail to…you know…advocate peace and denounce violence. Just curious on that.


What exactly do you expect? Do you want them all to organise a high profile march? The last time it happened in London the media ignored it to instead report the violent idiots parading through the streets. In America they need to portray Islam as the great evil, full of evil sinister characters so that Americans can reconcile the slaughter of Muslims at the hands of America and her Allies. Many Imams do publicly denounce terrorism but the one or two nutters out there make the news.

Where is paarsurrey, our peaceful MuslimAhmadiWhatever?

Why is this peace lover not demanding justice and bemoaning the actions of this non-peaceful brothers of his?

I won’t hold my breath.

Technically the Ahmadi aren’t considered Muslim by the majority, only they consider themselves part of Islam (like the JWs and Christianity) so an outrage from them wouldn’t be worth much.

Thanks for the comment. The point I was making is the Pope and Christian leaders around the world are quick to condemn any action contrary to their teaching. We just do not see that from Islam. I just kind of wonder if the silence of the Islamic population might be construed as support for these terrorist actions. Is this quiet support on their part? I keep hearing about all the Imams out there that condemn terror, but I never actually see any of them do it. Nor do I see followers of Islam…that would be the lay people…condemning these actions. This concerns me.

Islam does not have a hierarchy united under one leader or even one organization analogous to a synod or conference.

I keep hearing about all the Imams out there that condemn terror, but I never actually see any of them do it. Nor do I see followers of Islam…that would be the lay people…condemning these actions. This concerns me.

Try actually looking for them instead of passively waiting for it. They don’t get much media attention; it’s not fed to you on the end of a long newspaper spoon. Hatred and fear sell more headlines than peace.

The answer is there is no outrage. If it were something they were REALLY outraged about, they’d be marching in the street, shooting guns in the air, burning flags and pictures of George Bush. Put a cartoon picture of mohammed in the paper and people riot and burn things. Why? Because that’s real outrage. If they were really concerned there would be a reaction.

Their silence speaks loudly.

I gotta say that I see your point on this. Let’s face facts here. A few months ago some low rent newspaper runs a satire cartoon about Mohammad…what happens? The people of Islam march in the street, threaten jihad and basically go nuts…all with one loud voice. Yet, when terrorists try to blow something up in the name of Islam, they say nothing…but claim to be privately outraged. Sounds a bit strange to me. Seems like they would be out in force if they were really upset. I tend to think that by and large, Islam supports these people…if not, why are they not out in mass?

You just don’t hear about them.

You’re right, Mirdath, we don’t hear about them. But why is that? I used to trust all my news sources, but I have grown up since then. But it seems to me EVERY country controls their news and propaganda. I no sooner believe the Wall Street Journal than I do IRNA. The North Korean News holds as much credibility as the New York Post. I have come to many conclusions in the last 6 years. One is that just because the government says its so, doesn’t mean it is. Why should the press report on anti-terror protests in some other country? They probably don’t have a reporter there, or at least that country wouldn’t welcome a western reporter.

The Americans have reporters in England but ‘‘1000 Peaceful Muslims protest’’ doesn’t quite grab the newsreader’s eye as well as ‘‘savage Muslim extremists on the rampage’’ The Muslims won’t all get together to condemn these things because they don’t need to Islam is a religion of 1 billion with numerous sects of varying beliefs and levels of extremism (with NO central authority) . If they apologise for the terrorism I want all the Catholic priests (every one of them) to apologise for the paedophiles using the Church as a hiding place and every Catholic to take to the streets in protest against this filth.

Let us go to the source.
Is violence really contrary to their teaching? Have you ever studied the life of Mohammed? His beginnings were very peaceful and he portrayed many virtuous qualities. But as his life progressed, a metamorphosis took place. Violence, murder, and vengeance became justifiable actions for the “prophet”. Compare and contrast the life of Mohammed with the life of Jesus and you will have your answer.

:thumbsup: I couldn’t have said it better myself.

I’ve said this numerous times in another thread. If the news came to the masjid and interviewed 25 Muslims, and 34 of then denounced terrorism, and 1 of them supported it, the only one that would make the broadcast is the one that makes us all look bad.

Of course, it was the same with the Irish back in the 90’s (well, from 1969 onwards really) :rolleyes:

Again, thank you for this comment, so true. I can say this right now: I am a Muslim. I do not condone terrorism. If this was a legitimate plot, I am sooooo glad they caught them before they were able to carry it out. I don’t even want to think about the devastating effects that plot would have had if it had been successful. Alhumdulillah (praise be to God) that it won’t be!!

I’m not down with anyone killing innocent people, be it terrorists or troops or police officers, or just straight criminals, no matter what their religion.

You can roll your eyes all day, I’m not going to disagree with you, I’m Irish. The same can be said for any group really, whatever looks bad. I live in a city where the crime rate is really high, if a crime happened and they came to the block to talk to the neighbors, they will find the most ghetto uneducated ****-talking one amongst them all to put on the news.

Careful here, you’re actually talking sense, the anti Islam brigade are going to come down on you like a stack of bricks.


May be it happens, maybe it doesn’t.

I’m guessing there is no central authority in Islam who can speak for all Muslims. I get the impression their leadership is quite like Protestantism’s, each leading his own little world, with none having enough clout to grab the western media’s attention.

Interesting to say the least. I find it interesting that there is little public outrage against terrorism from the Islamic community when there leader clearly advocated it in the Koran. Now, of course, we know that all the “good” followers of Islam just read over those passages and don’t pay attention to them…or do they? Could it be that the “average” person in Islam has a passive support of terrorism based on…oh, I don’t know…the teaching in their most holy book? Perhaps the reason we do not see massive demonstrations or denouncing of terrorism by those in Islam on the internet is that most follow the teaching of the Koran. Maybe the reason that the demonstrations are small and the denouncing of terror is sporadic is that the number of people who actually are in Islam and do not support terrorism is…well…small.

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