Against my religion to believe in ghost?

I am a catholic, and have been all my life. My sister used to keep me up late when we were younger to watch scary movies and ghost stories and such. Recently it dawned on me, does the catholic religion believe ghost to be real? Not knowing, I asked my grandfather thinking surely he would know the answer. He did not. So my question is, what does the catholic religion have to say about ghost? I am curious to know.

There’s the Holy Ghost, so the Church certainly believes in them!

The term ‘ghost’ is simply a synonym for ‘spirit’. In that sense, the Church definitely believes in them.

However, the popular idea of ‘ghosts’ as shadowbodies of dead human beings wandering around to frighten people is well outside of Church teaching. Dead persons go to Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory. They do not hang around their old buried bodies or rattle chains in dark houses.


I think it is fair to say that ghosts are very real. I have taken a picture of one in Blackness castle in Scotland. In fact it is very clear to see and is genuine. I think that if you are catholic then it clear that ghosts are indeed true. Demons are mentioned mre than a few times and the trinity also talks about the holy ghost/ spirit.
I also record voices of dead people, this is known as e.v.p or electronic voice phenominon.
If your interested i can send you te voices or pics.

Thanks for raising this interesting subject


It’s not against the faith to believe in ghosts - the presence of the deceased. Scripture actually forbids summoning or consulting with them (necromancy).

At the same time, this doesn’t mesh well with our understanding of the afterlife. Is a ghost the “energy” of repeated interactions? Is it some relic of personality of a person going through Purgatory or in Hell? Certainly it’s not a person in Heaven - ghosts are recognized even in pop culture as being apart from angels or other messengers. It was easier within the Jewish eschatology to adhere to a ghost as being a shade of a spirit in prison, though I think more of the idea of ghosts came in through classical Greek theology which believed in shades that inhabited Hades.

From here, what are you going to do with this? If you’re into ghost hunting or summoning or using a Ouija board, stop. No reason to continue with this. Should you stop watching the ghost hunting shows on cable? If you’re not obsessed, there’s probably no harm - some of them are rather entertaining. Remember to focus on Christ and let everything else fall out from there.

Yes i go ghost hunting and have spoke to spirit voices. I really dont think it is doing any harm. Surely if any harm is being done then it is shows like ghost hunters which are activly trying to summon demons etc. I think ghosts are all around us. It is part of us. It is natural not supernatural in its origin. As you may know im not religious but accept the beliefs of those who do.

If your not offended ill even show you the ghost in the castle pic.

No, I do not believe in summoning ghost, but yes I do watch shows on tv when people claim to have witnessed ghost. I was just curious to know what the catholic religion had to say about it. And now knowing what I know I will be able to pass on this information to my Grandfather. Thank you all very much for answering my question.

Catholics do believe in apparitions. Mary and Jesus have been known to visit some of the saints.

But ‘ghosts’ that haunt places or things are more likely to be demonic.

The souls of the dead are either in Heaven, Hell or Purgatory. BUT on occasion, it seems they are allowed to visit folks, much like the apparitions of Mary or Jesus. Just do not go about summoning them, that is a huge no-no.

One of the saints or near saints (Blessed) is said to have regularly heard souls in Purgatory asking for assistance.

It seems to make sense to me that ghosts would be souls in Purgatory who are working their penance. One might visit several locations where the attachment to sin is still strong, or a place they find holy and comforting to strengthen the removal of the stain of sin.

As for the violent or “evil” spirits, it doesn’t seem to be against logic that they’re the workers of evil here to influence our world. Just saying.

Well I believe there are demons which we interpret as ghosts, but there aren’t human souls wandering around. Besides, if ghosts were real, the world would be filled with them and we would have weird phenomenom occurring all the time. Hospitals would be riddled with angry dead people and cemeteries would be literal haunted houses. But since this only occurs in dark castles, it probably is just the human imagination half the time and demons.

And I dont trust evps because you can find meaning in all kinds of fuzzy rattly noises. You can easily find on youtube a backwards version of stairway to heaven. Without the words at the bottom, you just hear the gibberish. If the person puts lyrics at the bottom where the entire backwards song is about worshipping satan etc. , the song will actually sound as if its saying the stuff at the bottom. You can hear all types of things if your looking for it in the static.

i dont use static, i have voices which call me by name. i agree that hospitals etc are full of souls. it isnt just castles. however they are very atmospheric.
evp have nothing to do with backward messages. mines are simple without interuption.
happy to let you hear one or two.

Well I was just basing the evp thing off of what I have seen on Ghost hunters and those other stupid shows where they hear a rustle and practically warp it to be a greating. And if ghosts want to show themselves to us as so many appear to try to, then why don’t they? Why is it just a shadow moving a little or by-products of bad photo quality? This is what convinces me that this is just our imagination combined with a few demonic forces which result in the unexplainable phenomenom.

I agree with this.:thumbsup:

The stories about ghosts generally carry one major similar theme: these are not happy ghosts. Within that context, we can know that these are not Heavenly ghosts, and it is really just best not to seek them out or interact with them.

There are certainly ghosts/spirit and demonic entities roaming the earth. Some see them, some hear them, some smell them and others are able to discern spirit.

The Catholic Church believes that most are from purgatory. In a conversation with a priest I know well he also believes that some are in limbo - spirit of people who have met a violent, untimely death and are unwilling, confused or unaware that they are dead. Generally these ones leave a home easily by having the house blessed. If it is demonic or spirit from purgatory it generally takes a house exorcism to remove them from the home.

Most people believe that a wandering spirit is looking for help. The truth is different and ignorance does not afford you safety. Demons do exist and the darker side of the paranormal is very dangerous.

By calling on a spirit (EVP, seance etc) you are sending out an invitation for any spirit to contact you and even if you think it is good and from God - you can be a victim of deception and deception that could cost your life. It’s no different to playing Russian roulette with a loaded gun. One thing you must realize is that we are all energy in motion and are spirits in human form not the other way around.

Therefore, it makes sense that these spirits already have a handle on manipulation of energy and know exactly your thoughts and your fears. Never challenge the spirit - for you can’t fight what you can’t see or feel. This is candy to the entity and the games can begin.

Why someone feels that they can contact a loved one who is in heaven - I don’t know. But suffice to say that if I was in Heaven - I would not want to return to this dark place we call earth.

Majority of spirits who are not in heaven, often are malicious in nature. A demonic entity may attach itself to a spirit in limbo and thus get a piggy back ride - right into your playground. Think about this, do you really want that happening?

A demon can show itself in the form your guardian angel, an imaginary friend, a deceased relative - yet it cannot by definition stand anything from the light (God) and if questioned it will show its weakness. However, infestation can start slowly and develop into a full blown possession without anyone knowing.

a couple of points to note.
You say (with certainty) that heaven exists. I dont think so.
Secondly you make refernce to guardina angels. Why not pixies or fairies?

Im afraid the gullibility of some cathoics is a real worry to mankind. Dont believe al you read even if its from a book a couple of thousand yearsold written and changed throughout the ages by the catholic church by people with limited knowledge or understanding of how the world works.

I dlove to chat but im going ghosthunting with my 8 year old daughter today.Itseems that the only thing that makes her happy these days. Caught her talking nonsense the other day in swaheeli or something.?weird or what?



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