Against the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ)~ the new Arians



I am very much concerned with the religious situation in our place (quezon city, philippines) it is the central house of the Filipino “cult” Iglesia ni Cristo founded by a Filipino named Felix Manalo. He claims to be the 5th angel of the book of Revelations stopping the 4 angels from destroying the earth. He also says like Arians that Jesus is not God. How can i stop them? They are now really a growing threat in the Church. Because they give houses to the poor who will join their church. They even hold two Television stations here. They are spreading and they are spreading rapidly.

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Dont worry our Lord Jesus Christ knew who is his own Church. This Iglesia ni Cristo in the future will be VANISHED! Will not spread throughout the world like the Arians in the early Times Of the Church. Due to different interpretations of the ministers of False Church, The Iglesia ni Cristo or INC means INCorrect, this will be the cause of their Church to Fall and Vanish later on. It is just a temporary, sooner or Later this Church will die. It is so obvious that it is the hidden Business of Manalos, someday their Followers will see this. . . .


oh, i juts want to ask, is inc really a cult? or you just having your own OPINION, EXAGGERATED story and accusation? and also, how can you stop a thing IF someone who is almighty supports it? or lets just say, how can you stop inc from growing if god is the one who supports and guide the inc to enlighten those people in the wrong beliefs??
well, i think you are just aware that CATHOLICS are being loose in the church where they are joining another religious group?? well, those were happening nowadays because catholics are slightingly lighten up to the truth… that what BIBLE said… :slight_smile:


Jesus is fully man and fully God. Without this core and central belief, Christianity or any likeness of it collapses in upon itself. Praying for all those in the Phillipines…

I would consider any group that attempts to call itself Christian but denies Christ’s full Divinity a cult in my personal opinion.


yes! you are right! how can christian denominations and others be if there are no doctrine of TRINITY that is added by the church fathers in the doctrines of the apostatized church catholic church? And how can it be a cult only they are not believing that jesus is god? please use a dictionary what christian mean. Then, thats the time you will say and accuse and use the word ‘cult’…


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there's no use arguing about that,
the bible is all lies.


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