Age-Inappropriate Sex Ed in Ontario

Well, even though my kids are out of school, this one’s really got me riled:

Ontario unveils sex education for 21st century

Odd how we’ve survived into the 21st century without the state imposing its views. But now:

TORONTO — Ontario’s Ministry of Education has unveiled a new sexual education curriculum that will include talk of masturbation, vaginal lubrication and anal intercourse.

“It is unconscionable to teach eight-year-old children same-sex marriage, sexual orientation and gender identity,” Charles McVety, president of Canada Christian College, said in a statement.

“It is even more absurd to subject sixth graders to … the pleasures of masturbation, vaginal lubrication and 12-year-olds to lessons on oral intercourse and anal intercourse.”

"The involvement of the Catholic bishops has been through this whole process, so what we will be teaching has been fully endorsed by the Catholic Church here in Canada," Butler said.

Where is the leadership from our bishops when it comes to educating and forming our children??? :mad:

Maybe they feel parents today aren’t doing a good enough job of keeping their children informed :confused:

I suppose that there will be a follow-on program in which they will teach 8 year olds to safely operate all the varieties of automatic weapons.

Gun safety at any age is important no? :smiley:

I’m not even old enough for this garbage. And I’m not saying how old I am. But it’s been a really long time since I was eight.

I can recall my Dad trying to tell me the ‘facts of life’ at around age ten. I was alternately bored and grossed out, and thinking, “I just don’t want to hear about it.”

Then I can recall a nephew who in 8th grade got the whole sex-ed program including a video of a birth. He came home indignant and outraged, saying “I never ever want to see anything like that ever again!”

They should have shown a few orthopedic surgeries as well, just so he could learn about broken bones, and maybe a brain surgery video.

The statement in the Ottawa Citizen article, that the Catholic Church in Ontario approved of the new curriculum, seems to be wrong.

Two prominent Ottawa Catholic leaders — including Archbishop Terrence Prendergast — spoke out Wednesday on the province’s new sex-ed curriculum, pointing to what appears to be an emerging rift between the government and its publicly funded Catholic schools.

A senior Ottawa Catholic board official says her schools will not adhere to the new curriculum, contrary to Premier Dalton McGuinty’s contention earlier in the day that the program applied to “all students in publicly funded schools, including Catholic schools.”

“Mr. McGuinty seems to be misinformed here,” said Jan Bentham, co-ordinator of religious and family life education for the Ottawa Catholic School Board. “The ministry consulted with ICE (the Institute for Catholic Education) and they were very aware there would be some content we would not be delivering in Catholic schools.”

Thanks for that! Good news is always appreciated. :slight_smile:

They aren’t going through with it!! Apparently parents and others have driven it into the Premier that this isn’t right!!:slight_smile:


Explicit sex-ed shelved indefinitely: McGuinty

McGuinty announced the sudden flip-flop just as opposition to the new program intensified.

And further to what Dale pointed out (from the Vancouver Sun), this appeared in today’s Ottawa Citizen: Catholic leaders criticize new sex-ed curriculum

Two prominent Ottawa Catholic leaders – including Archbishop Terrence Prendergast – spoke out Wednesday on the province’s new sex-ed curriculum, pointing to what appears to be an emerging rift between the government and its publicly funded Catholic schools.

May God continue to guide our bishops for another 2000 years. :knight1:

Well, that may be putting the cart ahead of the horse. I watched the Premier’s comments. CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp.) said that the new (perverted Sex Ed) currciculum will still come into effect in September of this year. The Premier said that they need to “re-think” the Sex Ed curriculum.

So let’s sum up the facts:

  1. The damage is done and it will be taught, regardless of how perverted it is.

  2. A politician has promised to “re-think” his perverted minister’s Sex Ed curriculum, but promised no change or action.

Maybe I am getting ahead of everything, but we aren’t run over yet are we? There is hope.

Yes there is always hope:) And we have good reason to hope.

My concern now is the political game. Typical political machinations incline me to think that this is the Premier trying to paint the horse a different colour in order to make the spectators think it’s a different horse. It’s back-peddling and word-smithing. This can be extremely effective if the media permits it or allows these tactics to deceive the public. If the media follows the story and reports accurately, we have a lot of reason to hope. If the media just copies/pastes the Premier’s words until interest is lost, then nothing will happen.

What we need:

We need Queen’s Park (Ontario’s Legislature) to nuke this new curriculum, and author laws limiting what liberties the Ministry of Ed can take in teaching about Sex Ed without Parliamentary approval. Until that happens we Catholics will be mice chasing cats.

Fat chance that you’re going to find the Provincial Government giving up its constitutional right to “exclusively make Laws in relation to Education”. (Section 93 of the Constitution)

Yes there is always hope And we have good reason to hope.

Yes i suppose we always have hope b/c of Christ :slight_smile:

Actually, it’s the administration that needs to see a video on brain surgery…and maybe even go for it themselves. :wink:

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