AGE OF EMPIRES - an intent to 'crush an opponent'

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I was thinking about when an intent becomes a sin. When one plays Chess / Age of Empires, where the main focus is to defeat an opponent, is the intent of achieving the defeat of an opponent sinful?
My first guess would be ‘NO’, but what is your take on that?

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no and neither is Mortal Kombat or any of the zillion fighting games where your goal is literally to murder your opponent. They’re just games.


And moral questions need to be brought to your confessor, not unknown laity in this forum.

The vast majority of the people here are not priests, and not moral theologians. If you have a question if something is sinful, discuss it with your priest - that is what they are trained to do, not us.


That’s right. At the end of the day the true goal of these games is “entertainment”, which is not inherently a sin.

My take is that I really wish people would stop fretting about whether something they do in a game is a sin, when everybody knows it’s a game, that nobody thinks is real, and that doesn’t involve looking at porn or committing some real-life act of violence, theft etc.

It’s just plain silly and we seem to get a question about the same thing every other day.

I suppose next someone will be asking whether we commit usury by charging high rents in Monopoly, or commit an act of war when we play Battleship and sink someone’s battleship.


Yesterday I was playing Fallout 4, at one point I ended up walking into a Church where among other thing the priest had become a ghoul as had some surviving parishioners. Basically in the backstory of the game those who survived a nuclear war were sometimes mutated into these things and live on, functionally immortal but with declining intellects. I was therefore forced to expend a fair bit of ammo blasting away in the game, I don’t therefore think, ‘Oh dear I’ve killed a priest’. Actually what I was thinking was, ‘Great now I’ll have to find more ammo again before pursuing the game further’ which is right pain as ammo is random and wandering around in the games world means you slowly become irradiated. It was just a game set in world based on 50’s sci-fi tropes and retro-futurist concepts. I’ve already given it more analysis than it deserves with that anecdote.

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