Age Of Empires and Rise of Nations


Hello my friends,

Please can someone let me know if playing any of these games is a sin? I really like them and so I bought them on steam. I know that I should be talking about this sort of stuff with my spiritual advisor, since I do have scrupulosity, but he is not avaiable. I went to confession today to a different priest, but did keep all the rules that my regular confessor - spritual advisor has given me.

I really like to play strategy games and sometimes, when I feel really bad (often because of scrupulosity), I go and play computers game like this.

Anyone who knows any of the games, knows that it is a strategy game. It is not a First Person Shooter. But the theme in both cases is war. And in the age of empires, enemy units can be called ‘‘monks’’ that convert your units and buildings. And when I play the game, I tend to send troops at them. I don’t mean anything bad when I do.

Can I enjoy these games or not?

Thank you, have a wonderful and blessed Christmas, I pray that it will be peacful, especially in Europe, that is sort of on an alert these days.


Why would playing a video game even be sinful? The only case I can think of is if the game is a near occasion to lust. Video games are not real life. Killing pixels is not killing a person.


You said it yourself. You should be talking to a spiritual director, not strangers on the internet. A variety of opinions will just cause you confusion and feed your scrupulosity.



Well said!


A very reasonable answer.

Playing a videogame is fundamentally the same as reading a book or watching a movie.


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