Age of empires

Is the computer game age of empires in accordance with Catholic teaching?

why would it not be, ive played the game and if anything i think God would rather have you play aoe than something like grand theft auto (big difference in the violence)

Why wouldn’t it be? It’s a great game series, I love it.

I loved that game. I liked making missionaries/priests. I refused to play as non-Cathjolic factions too (okay, I played as Britain once - just once!)

~ Pius :knight1:

lol im most of the time France, and sometimes Japan or China whats your favorite team on there

I don’t remember much about AoE II but I remember AoE III pretty well. I was France or Spain most of the time. Germany sometimes as well.

~ Pius :knight1:

i was talking about 3 they had an expansion i bought

I loved it! I havent played since AoE 3…but its a fine stragedy game with some historical referance.

The Knights of Saint John! :wink:

I loved playing this game, usually AoE II with the Conquerors expansion. :smiley:

My brother played Age of Mythology - that one might be inappropriate because it gives you “God powers” (Greek and Roman gods, I think), but he said it was a lame game anyway and not nearly as fun as the others. :stuck_out_tongue:

Games like this are sometimes called “God games” because you are in total control of everything that happens in your society, but I think it’s more of an analogy than actually trying to put you on the level of a deity. Games like the Sims or Rollercoaster Tycoon (also awesome) fit into this category as well.

I like Empire: Total War. You get to convert the populace to your state religion. I played as France and took over the world (except Rome and Ireland and Malta :thumbsup: ) and converted them to Catholicism - even America, England, and Palestine! I like that better than AoE but takes a long time to finish.

One thing I never liked about AoE was the naval battles. they were always very laggy and very slow on my computer so I was never really a naval power. :slight_smile:

~ Pius :knight1:

Well, I didn’t played it.

Couldn’t resist :smiley:

Cool game. I like Empire Total War, too.

I adore Age of Empires! And it does allow you to build a great many churches.

It does raise interesting questions though.

I work for a political institution and recently rummaged through the New Testament to see the gospel perspective of conflict, and I find it very hard to judge. Human conflict, well, war specifically, is never mentioned. You can easily fit other sections around it - an eye for an eye, for example - and there is ‘He who takes the sword dies by the sword’ but that only appears in Matthew and makes questions like do you fight the Hitlers of this world or not a very vexed question. I have asked for guidance, but I haven’t had it yet (probably doesn’t want me to be lazy by getting Him to answer a question I’m supposed to be researching and writing up for myself.:blush: ) It’s made doubly tricky for me as I have been considering joining the Reservists, but I don’t know if I can square that with my religion).

Britain was always my favourite. Nothing in medieval warfare beats a Longbowman. :wink:

Ah, good times. I remember the Joan of Arc campaign as one of my favorites.

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