Age of reproduction?


For men, what are the upper ends of reproduction years?

I know what is common knowledge, but what does modern science tell us?

I could do a search, but I do not wish to use my office computer. I do not have a home computer.


In the news today was Billy Joel–a 65 man fathering a child.


From my understanding, men can reproduce until death. Sperm counts will lower and hormones will decrease, but if you have sperm you COULD reproduce.


Men create sperm their entire lives. The risk of conceiving a child with genetic abnormalities increases as the father ages.


There isn’t an upper age limit for men.


There is no upper limit for men.

Men continue to produce “fresh” sperm throughout their lives until they day.

There are upper age limits for conception with women because we produce all of the eggs we will use in our lives before birth.

These eggs age as well. Some sit around for upwards of 40 years before they are used. This is why it’s far more likely to encounter genetic abnormalities as women age.

Men are prone to genetic abnormalities as well…but not to the same extent and severity as women do as they get older.


There is no upper limit for men.


. . . other than that imposed by common sense. Who wants to be 90 years old and changing diapers? :stuck_out_tongue:


Though I’d say that practically, the chances of causing conception drop with age.

I’d also suggest that men’s design being more “external” increases the chance of damage as time goes on, reducing fertility.

edit: something close to actual data…

A little Google fu suggest an 11% a year drop in make fertility, but I’m not sure what to make of that. Another suggest a 45 yr old will take about 5 times as long to conceive than a 20 yr old. At 50 time to conception (“when trying”) is around 26 months. I’m not in the mood to find details of what trying vs not trying vs whatever entails in this study.


Here is a study on the subject:

Although the effect of maternal age on fertility is well known, it is unclear whether paternal age also affects fertility.

Firtility indicators decreased continuously between 22–80 years of age, with no evidence of a threshold.




His wife’s menopause !!!


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