Agenda: The Word of Forums

We use that word a lot but…

We use it to describe the gay, transgender, satanic, and whatever else we are posting links from

This is a public forum, on that appears on Google very easily. Anyone researching the church will come her at some point. More importantly our attitude toward non Catholics.

We do not behave very Christain acting like everything anti church is a conspiracy.

The only one who can plan a conspiracy is Satan. Those who are played by the devil are just disposable pawns. Painting them as the enemy only drives them further away.

We all are humans, children of God, astray or otherwise it behooves us to act like Christains.


If I may ask, you list your religion as “Amarrain”. What’s that? Is it Christian? I’m not familiar with the sect, if so.

It means two moons in Arabic, if is supposed to have meaning beyond that I am unaware of it and would also be curious to know what is implied by it.


Perhaps he means Arminian?

Armenian? As in Armenian Orthodox perhaps?

No, not that. Arminian. The Protestant sect. I’m not familiar with them, admittedly. I’m not even sure I got their name right. But the OP might mean Armenian.

There you go.

Possibly, let’s see if they confirm it.

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I’m now wondering about the differences in pronunciation between “Arminian” and “Armenian”.

Not generally words you use a lot (well dependent on where you live I suppose) especially the former. I can’t see too many really thrilling chats starting up about Arminianism on the whole, maybe on forums like this or in a theological class but that’s about it.

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Ahr-mean-ian and Ahr-men-ian, respectively.

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Very good, it also means the fake catholic religion in EvE online.
I’m formally catholic but now I don’t know what I believe.
The second moon, the thing I can not see.
Something to have meaning beyond what I can know.

Do you speak Arabic?

Its been a hard learn, I’m trying. Its part of my plan to learn French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and Arabic so I can talk to everyone.

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That’s impressive. Good luck.

Conspiracy and agenda are not the same thing. Possibly related, but not the same.

No one is actively destroying the church for the gays.

I agree. Perhaps a better way to phrase it is that they oppose the Church, and certainly wish ill upon it. I don’t really follow when someone says that, for example, there’s a gay conspiracy against the Church. For starters, gays aren’t a monolithic group. There are gay Catholics who devoutly follow every tenet of the Church and there are gays who give zero d*mns about religion in general. And then there are gays would like to see the Church levelled to ashes, but oh well.

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I really have no idea what you’re trying to say.

The implication is that my stance is flawed so therefor incorrect meaning you think otherwise.

Thus I respond pointing out the absurdity of an organized attempt to undermine the church which is why I say “conspiracy.”

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