Aging and Dying

I was channel surfing while waiting for one of my programs to start and there was a program on TLC about two kids who can’t develop according to their ages,
The announcer said that their cases could teach us why we age and why we die.

If scientists ever find this out will THIS contradict the Bible, Chrirstianity or Catholicism?

  1. AND could we ever get to where we don’t die, despite God designing us for eventual death?

Ah, but **were **we in fact designed for death; or are we all just punished for what our ancestors did!!!

But what if scientists are ever able to figure out why we age and die, and what if they find some way to stop the aging/dying process? Will that contradict the Bible, Christianity and Catholicism? OR is it impossible for scientists to ever be able to halt the aging/dying process?

Since God seems to want us punished so badly, He would prevent it being circumvented!

There is no theological issue here.


What does that mean?

I read something online that said scientists are working on us living longer and in about 25 years from now, people might live to be 1000 years old.

There are lots of articles online that predict scientists will (relatively) soon make it so humans can even become immortal.

Does that contradict our faith? When the Bible was written, they had no idea about science or how science would continue to develop.

Not possible. That is a myth. No doubt lifespan in the future could be extended but death comes to all.
None of this contradicts our faith. Where does the Church say we have to die by a certain age??

Why why why do you want to deny the faith so badly?
Every single thread is about “will this contradict Catholicism, will that contradict Catholicism?”

***When will you come to realize that God is not dependent on US.
WE are dependent on HIM. ***

All of these questions have nothing to do with how God operates or whether or not we go to heaven. Period.

Your OCD is acting up dear one.
Pray. Have faith, as your username suggests.
Pray some more.
Draw near to God and He will relieve your fears.

What that person said was correct: These children are joyful and living life to the fullest to the best of their capacities. We should all strive to do this. Life live well, and believe that God has it all under control. Do God’s will and see if things don’t just turn out very well.


Make this Lent a time of trust.

There’s going to be an end of the world, when Jesus returns. I don’t know enough about it to know whether everyone still alive on earth will die before they can be judged. Will they all die? If so, then their age, whether it’s 10, 100 or 1000 years, makes no difference. Will they not die but just be immediately judged? Then again, it would have been in God’s plan all along that the people alive at the end of the world wouldn’t die, and again their age is irrelevant.

Seems to me that the issue is not avoiding death per se, but avoiding final judgement.

I reckon some people fear death because they don’t believe in an afterlife and therefore don’t want life to be over. But probably others are scared of death because they know deep down inside that there is an afterlife, and that with the kind of life they’re living, they’re not going to go to Heaven.

One of the saddest things I heard about was a priest who met a young man who refused to believe he would die. He kept insisting that, no, scientists were working on a cure for death, and they were going to find one, and he would live forever. This young man was absolutely adamant about this, no matter how much the priest tried to reason with him that he couldn’t live forever. I wonder how many people today are also living like this, unable to accept their own mortality.

Not everyone will have already died. But yes, everyone will be judged.
If one lives a holy life, there is absolutely nothing to fear.

Sounds like man trying to go around God again. Remember what happened the last time man tried that!! God Bless, Memaw

I don’t want to deny God badly, I’m AFRAID scientists will discover something that will ruin my (semi) newfound faith.

So you’re sure scientists will never find a way to make us immortal?

I tried to link you all to some of the articles, but couldn’t do it.

One article says immortality could be achieved by:

  1. Unlocking what your genes can already do.

  2. Mind uploading

  3. nanotechnology cellular repairs

  4. Cloned parts (or a whole new body)

  5. Cybernetic immortality

Or you could find out more about this under the title “Hang in there: The 25 year wait for immortality”

Fear consumes, like the eternal fire.

God revives the tender spirit.

Have a beautiful Lent and Easter, Faith.
I may not see you again. Know that you are in my prayers.

May the Lord bless you, keep you, and bring you PEACE.


You, too.

God renews the earth daily so we can survive - same with mankind - our bodies are only meant to last so long - so other life can have their chance on this earth. Its the cycle of the earth it can’t be changed.

Is this life the important one? Why do we cling so desperately to this life when we are told we will be in heaven with God when we shed our bodies especially when life for most on this earth is a daily struggle? - we have been told there is no permanent death just the physical by Jesus. So why do we fear it so much (death) - do we really believe if we have this fear? The church teaches us and tells of the afterlife - why do we struggle with it? Why do we seek immortality in this life when we are taught its our life in heaven with God that is important ? Do I have true faith if I have a fear of death - and will fearing it change anything - its coming for all of us like it or not. Like Clint says in Unforgiven " We all got it coming kid"

Unfortunately no one can answer these questions

Life is a mystery

I don’t want to live forever, I’m worried that if it’s possible we might eventually be able to live forever, that this will contradict the Bible, Christianity or Catholicism in particular.

Our souls are immortal but our earthly bodies are not and it is IMPOSSIBLE for us to be alive on earth forever.
You really must stop this way of thinking.

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