Aging parents - sin of thought


Yep. Been there as well Matt, I’m an only child and my mother contracted cancer when I was around 14 or so, I spent a lot of time till she died at 18 taking her to appointments when my dad was not available. It is massively stressful and you do you find yourself thinking these sort of thoughts you mention about it been better for the misery to end than grind on. It’s only natural as we are only human and can only bear so much.


There’s no sin here, so be at peace. My mom died almost six years ago, and my father has had a very rough time with it, so I understand what you mean.


Relate so much. She was in hospital again today xx thank you


Aww sorry to hear that @halogirl prayers for her, you, and your family. God bless, stay strong.


I would just like to share with you guys that me and my husband visited my folks today- mother was dressed and moving around, and Dad shook my other half’s hand although he struggles to speak. We cleaned up and its the best I’ve seen them in a good long thanks for your prayers xx


wonderful news, @halogirl. I helped my mom with several things today and it was such a good time - then my siblings criticized most everything I did. This is where I struggle.


Then why don’t they do it instead of merely offering critiques? It’s difficult indeed to do things for again parents or older relatives at times. One, elderly parents often don’t love losing their independence and that can make them far more hot-tempered than when they were younger. Also, it upends authority, they are still parents even if elderly and the child is an adult and for parents to have to be effectively bossed about by grown children when the parent can remember their children as babies can be awkward for them. Also issues like generational gaps, differences in thinking and differing educational levels between parents and children can all complicate the situation.


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