Agnostic honesty

As an agnostic I have no surety of the unmeasurable. Yet it is often cumbersome to disclaim my unsurety. On the other hand, there is power in words. Am I being dishonest by failing to disclaim?

For example, if I attended a spiritual / religious service that I was not in communion with and was questioned why I was there, would it be dishonest to say, ‘I have attachment issues and seek welcome within a community of the Lord without being a member of such community,’ without appending Lord with ‘as he may or may not exist’?

For your reason given you would be welcomed with open arms. I wish you were here so that we could show you love and friendship that you’ve never experienced before.

Good luck in whatever you’re searching for.

I hope you will find God’s love in the community you hope to seek. While you might be sitting on the fence in the spiritual realm, it doesn’t hurt to climb down.

I pray that you will find what you are searching for. Remember, you can always come home. God welcomes us back with open arms. I’ll be praying for you. God bless.

While I would find your answer odd, I would see no issue with welcoming you into the community. In fact my Church tends to discourage becoming a member without first living with the community for a little while.

While I would expect you might express your doubt when asked directly (though that should not change acceptance), not wearing it on your sleeve and insisting on telling everyone about it at every opportunity would be appreciated.

Go for it. When talking about spiritual journeys, the journey is quite irrelevant. The end is the only thing that matters. Everybody’s journey takes different lengths, sometimes longer than a lifetime. Just keep searching and following your heart, it will lead you to God. You should be accepted into a community to find fulfillment, Christians should not be elitists and instead welcoming of others. Best of luck!!

The first sentence in the Bible is a profound truth, In the beginning, God created the heaven and the Earth.

In order to have faith in God, you have to DO something.

Goo Afternoon Mek42: My opinion is that it would be fine to just say whatever best sums up your feelings if you were to be asked why you’re there. For instance, if you don’t know, then I think it would be good to say you don’t know.


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