Can someone tell me what is an agnostic and what does he/she believe or not believe in?

It is someone who does not believe that the truth can be known about the existence of God.

Not too smart, but thats the program in a nutshell.

Your answer is correct but, it would be not to smart to claim 100% certainy either way. You can be agnostic and still be a devout cathloic.

But you have been called to become a son of god. It happens. When you have been reborn it is very memorable. Its all kosher, there are scriptures in the old testament in which you are commanded to know god through experience. The first commandment of the decalogue is a very important one.


I want to believe this. But, nothing is “memorable” and, I am not “re-born”.

Kosher does not apply to me as a female gentile.:frowning:

Since you are agnostic , can you give me a simple answer, please, I’m curious, b/c my brother said he is agnostic and I didn’t inquire any further b/c I don’t want a debate…thank you…

What is the question?
Geometer basically states what it is in post number 2.

It is not the most charitable way to describe my lack of belief, and I am not a representative of agnostics by any means-

But, it is an answer that can suffice IMHO.

People in Baltimore use the word kosher to mean that something is ok, its not illegal not harmful. There is a big jewish community in Baltimore, and kosher for them is a word meaning clean, and also the kosher regulations about food and various other clean practices.

Make time to contemplate love. And know that when you are contemplating love, God is closest to you. It is an excellent time to give him your best suggestions.

Hmm, to me that sounds like saying that you can’t be 100% sure that 2+2=4. Sometimes when the reasoning is right you have to accept its implications as truth not probability.

you are 100 percent sure of your dogmas?

So basically,agnostic = atheist…

An atheist is firmly convicted that there is no god. He believes he knows that this is true, where the agnostic simply does not know.

So an agnostic could possibly be open to Jesus, where an atheist is like “no way”…

Yep. In my case anyway.

Heya its like that…

What makes you think both starting values are 2?

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