Agnus Dei...Can it be changed?


For Advent, my parish has been changing the “Lamb of God…” to “Long awaited Savior…”, “Promised of God…” and “Rod of Jessie…”. After that the prayer proceeds normally.

Is this allowed? I don’t think so, but I would like to check first. :slight_smile:




No. It is completely forbidden.

366. It is not permitted to substitute other chants for those found in the Order of Mass, for example, at the Agnus Dei (Lamb of God).

Interesting reading here…


If people want to make up their own versions of liturgical texts and sing those, they should be singing them before Mass, after Mass, or in the spots when hymns may be sung.

Unfortunately, a lot of music directors are slower to get the memo about things being forbidden than they are to hear about and start using new, faddish practices. But troping the Agnus Dei has been forbidden for several hundred years now, and the fad shouldn’t ever have been started back in the 1980’s and 1990’s.


Great read…thanks!


Another good read.


I’d only add to be extra charitable when bringing this up with the music director or with father. Something more like “I just wanted to let you know how great a job you do for us here at St. Blank’s. I really like how you’ve put the Kyrie into Greek for Advent! One question I had was about the Agnus Dei. I happened to see in the GIRM that we aren’t supposed to be changing the words. Is this out of date? I know you know more about music than I do but I wanted to double check” than like “you’re abusing the Mass with your wonky Agnus Dei. Stop it.”

You know.


“wonky Agnus Dei” :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:
too funny.


lol I know. :smiley:

I will probably wait one more week, and if it is done again, ask a question or bring it up with the seminarian ( I am good friends with him, so it shouldn’t be hard to bring up.)



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