Agnus Dei Sacramental

Does anyone know what happened to the Agnus Dei Sacramental?

Pope Paul VI is said to have consecrated Agnus Deis in the traditional manner during the Easter season of 1964. According to the ancient tradition, Pope Paul VI would have again consecrated the Agnus Deis during the Easter season of 1971 - inexplicably, he did not. Nor did he ever again consecrate the Agnus Deis. Pope John Paul I, of course, was Supreme Pontiff for only 33 days - and did not consecrate any Agnus Deis.

Nor had Pope John Paul II, closing in on his 20th year as Pope, undertake to reestablish the Agnus Dei tradition. Pope Benedict XVI didn’t either.

What’s up?

I don’t know the answer and would be interested in hearing why the Agnus Dei was discontinued as well.

An Agnus Dei disc was huge

Here’s a picture:

And another:

These big ones were meant for the sanctification of whole households

Drops of Blessed Wax were casted into smaller Agnus Dei dics for the sanctification of individuals in lockets such as these:

The benefits of Agnus Dei discs:

*They foster piety, banish tepidity, preserve from vice and dispose to virtue.

  • They cancel venial sins and purify from the stain left by grievous sin after it has been remitted in the Sacrament of Penance.
  • They banish evil spirits, deliver from temptation and preserve from eternal ruin.
  • They are a protection from a sudden and unprovided death.
  • They dispel fears occasioned by evil spirits. They are a protection in combat, and have power to ensure victory.
  • They deliver from poison and from the snares of the wicked.
  • They are excellent preventatives against sickness and are also an efficacious remedy – especially in cases of epilepsy. They hinder the ravages of pestilence, of epidemics and infectious diseases.
  • They quiet the winds, dissipate hurricanes, calm whirlwinds, and keep away tempests.
  • They save from shipwreck and the danger of lightning and floods. An anecdote is recalled here of Pope St. Pius V, who had recourse to this expedient when the Tiber was in flood and seemed likely to submerge the city. We are told that when an Agnus Dei had been thrown into the river, the angry waters at once subsided.

I have a few Agnus Deis that were given to me throughout the years by religious.

You are blessed to own such a Sacramental. I’ve seen people selling them online. What a disgrace! The Holy Church forbids the buying and selling of relics and Sacramentals.

The discs withstand the test of time. It is very hard to RUIN Agnus Dei wax. You’d have to melt it, pour it out, and do something really bad, like pour it into the toilet or something to desecrate it.

Maybe Pope Francis will reinstitute the Agnus Dei.

I have one. It’s in a very small paper star.

I had two that are like the locket above. I kept one, and gave the other to my husband, who unfortunately lost his.

I have a piece of one in a pectoral cross full of first class relics that was given to me by a priest friend who received boxes of relics from a religious order that died out where he was.

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