Agony in the Garden

I am well familiar with the story of the Agony in the Garden, but it seemed to me that many, many years ago I had heard (somewhere, somehow, I can’t remember) of another story about Jesus which was similar to this. I know in this story, He is praying to His Father, asking for the Cup to pass from Him, however, not His will but the Father’s be done, and that He sweated blood… But I seem to remember more to this story as well. I have a foggy memory of learning that on this night in the Garden, Jesus also wept as He walked through the trees, because He was seeing (literally) the sins of all humankind, past, present, future, seeing every gravely sinful thing people have done and are to do still yet in the future. I have tried to research this, but I find nothing that tells of such a story. I just don’t know if I’m remembering wrong? Has anyone heard of this aspect of the story? Sorry for so many questions since I’ve joined this forum, but there are still so many things I wonder about, and I enjoy discussing them.

You may be thinking of the old testament. The Psalms and the Prophets have some writings on his suffering and death.

Thank you for your enlightenment. I knew it must have come from somewhere. I will read those passages.

Well, this is mentioned in The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ by Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich.

Is this private revelation approved by the church? I"m not sure.

I can confirm that the Dolorous Passion has both a Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur.

According to this page, they were issued by a Georgius D. Smith D.D. and Edm. Can. Surmont respectively. :slight_smile:

It’s still classified as private revelation, and as such is not considered to include articles of faith nor is it held on the same level as the public revelation which was finished 2000 years ago and which constitutes our faith.

I will read this. I’m currently reading “The Diary of Sister Faustina”, and finding it very absorbing. As for “private revelations”, I entrust them to my own personal mind and heart, and still read them, just for enlightenment, hoping they are true.

Crown of Stars/ Kathryn

Divine Mercy in My Soul is one of my top five spiritual books.

Sister Fustian’s book and Anne Catherine Emmerich’s book are great reads.

Private revelations can be given human faith; Based on what you know, and what the Church (or those in authority in the Church) have said. This is the same kind of faith you put in a beloved priest, or other person, whom you deem to be holy and knowledgeable. However what you find convincing or enlightening may not be so with other Catholics. This is OK too. :slight_smile:

This is from private revelation but even so, it is highly likely that this very thing did happen to Jesus in some capacity. Think of this: Jesus describes the Cross as His glorification. It makes sense that though His Body was not yet glorified that His Divine nature was very much at work on Calvary. As He hung on the Cross, and likely throughout the entire Passion, His Divine nature was probably in constant communication with His human nature. He was very likely seeing, and knowing and praying for every last one of us, past, present, and future. These are just my own thoughts but I think it makes sense. At no other time during His earthly life was He so close to His Father’s Heart. I don’t mean that He was ever apart from it in any way, but this is what He came to do. This was His glorification, though in torment, here He had perfect Joy in knowing He was accomplishing God’s Will. I think He held us all in His Heart during those hours as never before in His life, seeing our own joys, sufferings, victories and failings. How much must have gone through His mind in so short a time? How long, from Jesus’ perspective did the Passion last? He had to comprehend every detail of our lives I think.

Amen. Well said.

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