Agpeya + Catholic vs Orthodox

I have been watching some Orthodox videos on Youtube and some interesting discussions.

I like the idea of the ‘Jesus Prayer’ and seen someone mention the ‘Agpeya’ Book of Hours.

Do any Catholics use the Agpeya or, is it ok as a Catholic to use that book?

It’s perfectly fine. Coptic Catholics and their Coptic Orthodox counterparts use it. Others, including some Eastern Catholics use it as well.

Been looking for a copy in the UK but cant find one!

That’s an English version of the Agpeya (Agb means hour) , this version is orthodox but I guess the Orthodox and Catholic versions are the same except for the filioque clause I guess, God bless.

I’m new here by the way, pray for me.

That wouldn’t be a difference. Eastern Catholics don’t recite the filioque.

A few interesting details I notice:

*They include the doxology in the Our Father.
*They use the LXX numbering of the Psalms.
*As already pointed out, they don’t include the filioque.
*They include the Gospels in what appears to be equivalent to the Liturgy of the Hours.

I much prefer a book i can hold!

You sure?

Only 99 cents here in e-book


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