Agreement problem with the baptism of our baby; would their be an option of us both changing to a different religion within Christianity?

I am a 26 year old woman with lot of faith in the catholic church and my partner is protestant we have a newborn baby boy and either of us want to baptise him the other religion (catholic or protestant) it is causing some very strong aggravation between us we have being together five years and not once has he ever spoke about his religion it never meant anything to him until our baby was born. I would prefer to baptise my son catholic and not his religion but he feels the same only the other way around. I am just wondering is their a way of both my partner , myself and our beautiful baby boy move to a similar religion within Christianity??? that will help us both get our faith at par with each other also for our son’s sake. I would not feel comfortable talking with my parish priest about this. Thank you for acknowledging my question. Any guidance with our situation would be most appreciated


Dear Lori,

Why would you not feel comfortable about talking to your parish priest about this? Is it because you are afraid that he would ask you why you are not married? Lori, you have been having marital relations for six year with someone with whom you are not married. And only now religion has become an issue?

I encourage you to learn more about the treasure that you Catholic faith is, before denying it to your son. Quite frankly I am reluctant to suggest that you marry validly in the Catholic Church because your relationship does not sound very strong. You really DO need to see your parish priest.

I am asking everyone who reads this to pray that you are able to get your life straightened out with the Lord and His Catholic Church–the only one He ever founded. I will be praying as well. Feel free to write me privately by clicking on my name above.

Fr. Vincent Serp, O.P.

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