Agricultural Giant Battles Small Farmers

I’m really glad a media giant like CBS is looking into this. Cases like this are happening all over the world and are not only destroying small farmers in the US, but also in developing countries. :mad:

Please see link for full storyl

*David Runyon and his wife Dawn put a lifetime of work into their 900-acre Indiana farm, and almost lost it all over a seed they say they never planted. “I don’t believe any company has the right to come into someone’s home and threaten their livelihood,” Dawn said, “to bring them into such physical turmoil as this company did to us.”

The Runyons say they signed no agreements, and if they were contaminated with the genetically modified seed, it blew over from a neighboring farm. “Pollination occurs, wind drift occurs. There’s just no way to keep their products from landing in our fields,” David said. “What Monsanto is doing across the country is often, and according to farmers, trespassing even, on their land, examining their crops and trying to find some of their patented crops,” said Andrew Kimbrell, with the Center For Food Safety. “And if they do, they sue those farmers for their entire crop.”

In fact, in Feb. 2005 the Runyons received a letter from Monsanto, citing “an agreement” with the Indiana Department of Agriculture giving it the right to come on their land and test for seed contamination. Only one problem: The Indiana Department of Agriculture didn’t exist until two months after that letter was sent. What does that say to you? *

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