Ahh..the Mass was lovely!!!!


I enjoyed the Mass this evening! I have never been to an All Saints Day Mass as far as I can remember! How lovely!!


They know how to do Mass correctly, don’t they? :wink:




Who knows how to say mass correctly?


Vigil Mass at a Quasi-Parish was far better celebrated than Lunchtime Mass at the Cathedral. :wink:


Those Whom We Do Not Name.

You know. Them. :eek:


MyPhilomena, please don’t tell me you were seduced by the glamour of an SSPX service… :frowning:


You’ve ruined it, Lily. We were trying to maintain a certain mystique.

Now many people on this forum are going to lose sleep. How sad. :frowning:


Not lose sleep, just sigh a bit and offer a few more prayers :gopray2:


My Philomena, I felt the same way about Mass this evening, too. :slight_smile: Mass was said by my favorite priest and the church was full! I didn’t expect it to be full because not everyone goes to Mass on All Saints Day, plus, we had other Masses earlier in the day. Even my priest commented on how crowded it was. It took me a while to find a seat but I found one. Some people had to stand.

On my way out, after Mass, I asked my priest when I could have my Miraculous Medal blessed and he said “I can do it right now,” and he blessed my medal standing there in the doorway, with all the parishioners passing by, looking to see what we were doing, lol.


:confused: :confused: :confused: What are you talking about? :confused:


An SSPX Mass (it is quite valid) is no more glamourous then the normal Tridentine Mass of 1962. It just doesnt happen to be licit. Besides, it is completely acceptable to attend an SSPX chapel in that is the only Tridentine Mass in the area (I wouldnt give any money at the offertory though).

I hope that MyPhilomena went to a licit Tridentine Mass though. Maybe even ICRSS, I have been looking into them lately, would be nice to know if anyone here has been to one of their Masses :smiley:


Will SSPX just come back into the fold and throw those liberals into formal schism… :stuck_out_tongue: j/k

But seriously though, the Classical Roman Rite is a rightful aspiration of the faithful, and the charity of many Bishops around the world is found wanting. And now with all the indult rumours circulating one hears the nonsense emerging of the the harm in allowing the Classical Roman Rite and this it is against Vatican II.

Many Catholics complain that the Mass is boring, and one can sympathise when all that one may experience is a poorly celebrated Novus Ordo. The Classical Roman Rite is anything but boring :wink:

The SSPX needs to come back.


Welcome to the church !!! Attend an Eastern Liturgy sometime. :thumbsup:


ok steve, i must be dumb… what is an Eastern Liturgy?


Nothing. Nothing at all.

How 'bout those Yankees? :thumbsup:


The ones that weren’t ruined…er, I mean, renewed, by Vat II.


lol!!! :smiley:


Think tridentine * 2

:eek: :smiley:


The Death Eaters?!

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