Ahhh...the first JWs of springtime.

It’s officially spring.
The birds are singing.
The squirrels are frolicking.
The flowers are blooming.

And the first JWs of springtime knocked on my door moments ago.

It was a short conversation, I doubt she got much out of it.
Why do these people treat Jesus like he is a commodity at retail store?

I wish we had some around here. I love sharing my faith with them. What Oswego NY does have is your 7th day Adventest.

Oh, trust me, they will be back. Especially if you opened the door and tried to evangelize them.

The last conversation that I had with the 2 JW’s who frequent my neighborhood was about the name of God. I was told my Catholic Bible was the incorrect interpretation when I told them that the name of God is not jehovah but it is YAHWAH or I AM.

When I asked if they believed in the Blessed Trinity, they said no. So, I simply stated that then our conversations would have to end, but I would continue praying for their conversions and that my hope for them was that someday, Jesus would be the Lord, Savior and King of their Hearts.

Well now they delight in really “trying to save me” by sticking notes on my door inviting me to a presentation to listen to a speaker talk about Who Jesus Really Is. The presentation is on Holy Thursday! Do they really think that I would show up on Holy Thursday of all days! Of course NOT. I already know who Jesus is and my obedience is to the One, True Church where the fullness of His Truth is revealed. The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Amen!

Just be thankful they weren’t marketing Mohammed.

What you may not know is that I cared for a JW that was injured and unable to do this work. “Work”…they were collecting disability/unemployment because they were injured on the job peddling tracts. Huh? I asked, this is a job? Yup. That is why it is retail. They make money on the tracts and have to account for them.:slight_smile:

You should see the wide berth they take around my Blessed Mother statue that must be passed to get to my front door.:frighten:

Absolutely love that one! :wink:

If a person goes out of their way to avoid such a statue, would that constitute “Idolatry”?
After all, if they believe it has no power, why avoid it.
On the other hand, if they feel it must be avoided…they are assigning power to it…



I am just DYING to have a JW point out that Christmas and Easter are ‘pagan’ holidays so I can point out that their wedding ring is also a pagan tradition.

That said, I never have JWs at my door. Mind you, I’m also NEVER home… Yay for odd shift hours!!!

What an interesting point!!! I hadn’t thought of it that way before…

I was actually discussing something similar to this with my friend the other day. Why is it that so many people FEAR other religions. I mean, actively fear them?

If that other religion doesn’t have truth. If it’s parishioners are just blinded by lies… why be so afraid?


Springing up like jonquils are they? ROFL!

I think you meant…“practitioners,” no?


“Marketing Mohammed.”

Sounds like a great book about what Muslims believe about Islam v. what Mohammed actually wrote in the Koran.

I heard on Catholic Radio yesterday that JWs are essentially Arians. Time to study up on the Arian Heresy!

To be fair, they probably don’t know it’s Holy Thursday. (I had never even heard of it before joining the catholic church.)

I have two theories on that.

They believe world is controlled by Satan, so everything ‘wordly’ as they would put it, is controlled by Satan. They also believe all other religions are controlled by Satan. JW’s have an absolute TERROR of Satan and demons, because in that faith they are bombarded with Satan and demons 7/24. So, they will have an overwhelming and irrational fear of anything that remotely smacks of Satan, like statues.

They other thing they have an overwhelming and irrational fear of, is other JW’s seeing them do anything ‘wrong.’ as could lead to being at best marginalized by other witnesses, and at worst ‘reproved’ or ‘disfellowshipped.’ So, they make a big show of something like avoiding a statue for the benefit of other witnesses, because they wouldn’t want other witnesses to get the impression they are interested in it in any way or think it’s nice.

Perhaps I did!!! Heh. Either way you got my point so I was successful in ze English.

This is always been funny to me how they don’t believe in government but will accepts its handouts. My mother (a JW) still receives my father’s **military **pension check.:shrug:

One time a couple of people came to the door. Before they could say a word, I asked them if they were JW’s. They both had this relieved smile on their faces and one of them said “No, we’re from the Church of Latter Day Saints.” Both of those smiles fell when I told them I still wasn’t interested.

So, yup, around here we get both kinds. They even have the nerve to go poking around your yard to see if you’re outside.

Did they think she was going to attack them?

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