Ahmadinejad blasts US, says Israel is 'doomed'

[quote=AFP]“It is clear the United States is not against nuclear bombs because they have a Zionist regime with nuclear bombs in the region,” he said.
“They are trying to save the Zionist regime, but the Zionist regime will not survive. It is doomed.”


[quote=AFP]Ahmadinejad said: "I think President Obama has made a big mistake… he knows the resolution will have no effect.
“Very soon he will come to understand he has not made the right choice and he has blocked the way to having friendly ties with the Iranian people.”

Scene when have world leaders who say they are going to teach other nations a “lesson” even been allowed onto the world stage?:shrug:

War is the only answer.
Anyone who is against a war with Iran is anti semitic and anti-american.

would you rather this madman be given control of atomic bombs?

How would this war of yours be run? And with what?


i am not going to run any campaign, but in order to stop a genocide i think b-2 stealth bombers dropping JDAM’s at night to minimize casualties. Or if Israel did it they would need a lot more aircraft, regardless it would be bloody but it would probably be better then having Tel Aviv or New York go up in a hellish-fireball, and it wouldn’t be a war, just a quick strike to stop production of WMD’s by a belligerent state

He wouldn’t have control in any case. He hasn’t the power even to mobilize the army let alone to declare war. The Ayatollahs are the real power.

With Russia and China (partially) on board, the man in the Member’s Only jacket has little recourse.

His “spiritual advisor”, and potential successor to Khamenei, Mohammad-Taqi Mesbah-Yazdi has pretty much called for a nuclear armed Iran.


I pray it all works out peacefully.

I thought Members Only went out of business?

I think it’s a knock-off.

No, I wasn’t the first one to come up with that observation. Ahmadenijad made Time’s “Top 10 Worst-Dressed World Leaders”.


I do’t care what he is; whatever he says isn’t an excuse to go to war.

True, which is why I pray it all works out peacefully.

You know, the last leader that threatened the Jews like this was Adolph Hitler. No one took him seriously, but look at the nightmare the whole world was plunged into because of him.

We have to take this madman seriously. The United States, as the world’s sole superpower, needs a leader who will stand up to him, and that sure doesn’t seem to be Barry O, who balked at meeting with the CEO of BP, but said he would gladly sit down and meet with Ahmadinejad with no conditions.

Ahmadinejad is right - but it isn’t just Israel that is doomed.

The time will come when Iran starts the war that ends their leadership. Then we can hope for peace.

Its a sad day when the sanctity of life is forgotten and violence prevails.

When madmen seek to expand there power it is necessary to stop them, before they hurt more innocent people, before they do what hitter did, or stalin or mao, if we stand by and do nothing the world will not get better and more innocent lives will be ended in these men’s lust for power, we must pray for violence to be averted

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