Ahmadinejad wants meeting with Pope Benedict

Rome, May. 27, 2008 (CWNews.com) - Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad hopes to meet Pope Benedict XVI (bio - news) during a visit to Rome next week, according to the Italian daily La Repubblica.

The Vatican has not disclosed any plan for a meeting between the Pontiff and the controversial Iranian leader.
Citing an unidentified diplomatic source, La Repubblica said that Ahmadinejad wanted to brief the Pope on his government’s position in current international disputes. The Iranian regime has made several efforts to enlist the help of the Holy See in its conflicts with the US and other Western powers.


I’d be extremely dissapointed if the pope meets that idiot.

He’s in big trouble at home. The economy is tanked due to his mismanagement and adventurism abroad. (sound familiar?) His rather unorthodox take on Islamic doctrine has been slammed by the mullahs in his own country, and people are generally fed up with him.

He wants to meet with the Pope to appear to be a real world leader. I hope the Pope doesn’t do it.

I also hope he won’t do it. That being said, I recognize the fact that he (the pope) has a much wider world view than I do. I don’t have a fraction of his wisdom. He may decide to do it.

If he does meet with the pope, I hope that the pope will tell Ahmadinejad to repent of his sins before it is too late.

It’s very difficult for me to think anything good could come of it. Ahmadinejad is just the creature of the group of mullahs who put him where he is and allow him to remain there. (for now, anyway). Clearly, they think there could be some propaganda value gained by it or they wouldn’t be proposing it.

I am going to go against the grain a little I think.

I don’t hope or not hope the Pope meets with President Ahmadinejad it’s completely up to him.

But I do lean towards favoring the meeting. Our Pope leads the way Christ leads. Jesus ate with sinners and tax collectors. You never know where and by whom a seed will be planted. I think everyone on these boards no matter what his political ideas are agree that peace in the Middle East is best achieved by Christ’s intervention. Could this be the start of that? Maybe. Maybe not.

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