Aids funding: Corrupting the common good, and promoting death and destruction and the devil?

Canada, has become a victim of a great many radicals who left the USA during the time of the Vietnam War…(frankly i don’t blame them for that…)

Problem is that many of these individuals had somewhat radical ideas…case in point.

In a TV interview with the local Aids Committee, (funded by the government) it was stated that the Aids Committee was in fact promoting immorality, death and chaos.

Why ? Well there advertising reflected a somewhat irresponsible approach to Aids. Campaigns like “Play Safe”

Anyway, on this live TV program a caller asked these social workers, who 10 years ago were promoting same gender marriage, under the disguise of not discriminating against sexual oreintations…it was asked, “What about sex with animals…?”

No one on the council from the Aids Committee said anything…so the announcer waited for an answer…waited…again no one from the Aids Committee said one word…"

The TV announcer interrupted, Okay…let us move on…"

It seems again and again, that the immorals in our society are using society problems to get funding, and then use the funding for promoting questionable programs, under the disguise of addressing a problem…?

Playing the devils advocate…'if we can’t discriminate then where do we draw any line?"

It seems that some social programs with good intentions are being manipulated to promote immorality, worsen the problem, create chaos, which ultimately would provide more funding, IF WE FUND SUCH PROBLEMS BASED ON THE DEGREE OF THE PROBLEM, these programs become parasitic…(feeding off the problem)

What do you think?

Refusing to discriminate against somebody’s sexual behavior is not the same thing as promoting said behavior.

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