Aids to Prayer


I pray the Daily office but I also enjoy various devotionals. One of the latest ones I picked up is the “Every Day is a Gift” Minute Meditations… from the Scriptures and the writing of the Saints. It is excellent as the thought goes with scripture and just takes a moment to read but gives you something insightful for the rest of the day.

It is RC but certainly useful for anyone in deepening their walk with God.

Incidentally, I knew a Southern Baptist who used the Book of Common Prayer. I think many non liturgical groups find deepening spirituality in the liturgical practices and thoughts of groups like the RCC, EO, and CofE. It is sometimes worth reminding my Protestant brother and sisters that Jesus lived his faith out in a liturgical context.

Rev North


Liturgical faiths have substance. :thumbsup:

Bless you Rev.

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