Aids Vaccine

Well, they created a vaccine that actually worked “somewhat” for aids.
In terms for everyone who is in the medical fied this is amazingly good news. How do you feel about it? I’m curious what others think about the recent breakthrough.:cool:

From my understanding they claimed it helped reduce the risk by 31% or something close to that, but I didn’t quite understand the test procedure. It seemed as if they gave a group of individuals the drug and some others a placebo and then later checked to see if they contracted HIV… I’m not sure how large the test group was but I’d be curious to find out how exactly the test was performed because this methodology seems flawed.

If they come out with a safe, effective vaccine against HIV, everyone should have it. I will certainly make sure I get it.

It’s one more layer of protection against disease.

For the same reason, if I had a daughter, I would see she got the HPV vaccine–but I would prefer to take her myself.

Everyone should have flu, Hep B, measles, and all other available vaccines.

I hope the vaccine works…it will save many lives.

Agreed. :thumbsup:

I think it would actually be called an HIV Vaccine, not AIDS. HIV leads to AIDS.

Regardless, I think it’s great! It’ll save thousands of lives, maybe even millions.

Now let’s have them get to work on Ebola!

If other people wanted to get the vaccine - that’s their business. I wouldn’t get it. I’m happily married, as is my husband - so no thanks, not necessary.

Besides, I don’t think 31% is that great of a risk reduction. I wonder if it would give people a false sense of security, resulting in MORE cases of AIDS?

Does anyone know if this vaccine was made morally or not? I am referring to whether or not it was created using embryonic stem cells or aborted fetal cell tissue.

Great news, but incomplete. Based on the limited effectiveness shown to date, it seems to me like this is just about as effective as taking last year’s flu shot!

It may be 100% effective in eradicating the strains of HIV it is effecive against, but if the behaviors that lead to the spread in the first place don’t change, the remaining strains NOT blocked by this vaccine will simply respread the disease.

It’s a band-aid on a severed artery.

I am pretty much agasint all vaccines. I’d rather use the immune system God gave me :wink:

I think it would be wonderful if they developed an effective HIV vaccine!

Here are my thoughts:

  1. I am an Army medic and would hate to be exposed to blood that was infected - if there is a vaccine that can lower my chances then great.

  2. The reason that it is only about a 1/3 effective is because of the rapid mutation of the HIV virus. This is the same reason it is so hard to treat. Vaccines work by introducing our immune system to certain genetic markers on those viruses. When our immune systems are introduced we create T-Cells that match the lock and key of those markers. The issue with HIV is that it is rapidly mutating which makes it hard for our bodies to keep up with it. By the time we have created a “key” for one “lock” the virus has mutated into a new “lock.” Therefore all things considered this a pretty high success rate.

  3. Third - lets consider this a public health issue. Right now HIV is only transmissible through blood and bodily fluids - however as stated above - it is highly mutatable. The less spread we have the less likely this virus is to mutate into something say airborne or droplet borne. Just a thought. The last thing we want to see is a world with a bunch of people with dormant HIV because everyone thought it would go away and have it become something that is more contagious than it is now. Just a thought. An example of this in history is the evolution of bubonic plague to pneumonic plague.

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