Air American radio

I can never listen to the Air America radio for more then a few minutes because of vulgarity. Again, Wed. night after 4-5 min. of tuning in the following quote was made by the host during the discussion of bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia: “I will not be happy until " . . . strangle the last king by the guts of the last priest”" (18th century frenchman’s original quote). And intelligent or educated people (including Catholics) align themselves w/ these liberal spokesmen?

It should be called “Error America” radio.

Air America is still around?

I thought it had no $ to run on radio but I called it AA for lack of any other name; progressive talk?
Last night before I turned it off, there was an attempt to explain the Somali pirates as displaced farmers who were in search of solutions for their polluted land etc.

It went bankrupt in 2006, but was purchased and relaunched in 2007. I’ve never had an interest in listening to it, so I can’t comment on its quality or lack thereof.

Would it not be easier to give both of AA’s listeners a direct weblink?

A link to Air America or a link to a discussion of its earlier financial problems?

Air America - you can listen to it live, online.

Discussion of its bankruptcy and relaunch

My feeble attempt at humor was to imply it only had 2 listeners.

oops :blush:

I enjoyed the two listeners part, but thought you wanted more. Mea culpa.

No problem. The links were helpful.

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