Air Force General Says Russia Missile Defense ‘Very Serious’


The commander of United States Air Force operations in Europe and Africa expressed “very serious” concern Monday over what he described as big buildups of complex Russian missile defenses that increasingly threaten NATO military access to air space in parts of Europe, including one-third of the skies in Poland.

He also said Russia had started to engage in similar missile buildups in the Crimean Peninsula, which it annexed nearly two years ago from Ukraine, and in war-ravaged Syria, where Russian military forces have been assisting the government by bombing its insurgent foes for more than three months.

The commander, Gen. Frank Gorenc, whose responsibilities include Air Force operations covering 104 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and parts of the Middle East, said the Russian strategy, known as anti-access/area denial, or A2/AD in military shorthand, was among the most worrisome trends he had seen.

Some of the heaviest concentrations of A2/AD deployments, General Gorenc said in an interview with The New York Times editorial board, are in Kaliningrad, a Russian enclave sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania on the Baltic coast. The surface-to-air missile systems there, he said, are “layered in a way that makes access to that area difficult,” with a spillover effect in parts of Poland and the Baltics, should NATO jets have reason to operate there.


this is scary. :thumbsup:


I believe the Obama administration has realised that the world has moved on from the cold war days where Russia is the evil enemy. The present administration recognises all countries as friends of the US including China, Russia, Cuba and Iran. Gone are the days when America tried to maintain the world policing role it was shackled with after WW2. Now it is prepared to give way in strategic planning to China and Russia, knowing that it’s inherent national security is more threatened from within by dissidents and gun toting vigilantes who see personal freedom as being found outside of government control.
The present administration has wisely forsworn its belligerent stance against communism and old enemies seeking dialogue and communication rather than continued defence of its borders. Indeed, it has surrendered its borders with Mexico in an open handed rapprochement with an overwealming number of immigrants. These new fresh faces for change are looking for rights normally applied only to citizens of a country. Wisely, this administration is looking at ways to facilitate their assimilation by providing surprisingly generous rights and privileges to those eager to enhance the American experience.

This new strategic policy has been entitled in Australia as the " We are all stuffed and cuddly, just waiting for our new owners." policy.


I think you are right for the most part. the exception is the immigrant assimilation. I do not think the administration is interested in assimilation as they wish to celebrate diversity.


The U.S. may have “moved on” from the cold war, but Russia has not, and Putin is intent on Russian reemergence as the dominant power as U.S. influence declines. Russia is deploying new generations of ICBM’s, new bombers, and as mentioned above, new air defense systems to deny the viability of NATO protection for any allies. Some U.S. policymakers may be content with this, but it may be a recipe for future disaster and Russian hegemony. No need for the U.S. to be the world police when Putin is willing to take over that role. He has shown his disregard for U.S. policy in Syria as well as Crimea and the Ukraine.


I believe I believe you!


Exactly. Putin is not going to let happen to Russia what Obama has let happen to the U.S.


The Air Force General is just blowing some steam off and trying to give the impression of the necessity for more military spending.

Russian air defenses are paper tiger. We have the MALDs and the HARMs!


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