Air Force One to be painted red, white and blue

Air Force One to be painted red, white and blue


I thought the subtle paint-job that It currently has was to make it less conspicuous.

Maybe AIRFORCE 1 in gold letters on the side?

Way to be conspicuous.

I would think bring inconspicuous would be a plus for the presidential aircraft. Especially in foreign airspace.

I remember when I worked in New York the president traveled around the city in a caravan of black identical sedans, and we couldn’t tell which one the president was actually in.

Designed by Jackie O.



Identical black airplanes.

Airplanes aren’t black.

Jackie Kennedy was always elegant and stylish,

Air New Zealand have one jumbo that is done in a livery that is black on most surfaces as a tribute to their rugby team:-

They’ve left the wings a different shade and the tail area echoes aspects of New Zealand’s culture as well as the ruby tie. I suppose you could also stick Trump in a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird.

Not Really, It was Raymond Loewy.

Thanks. I’ve never noticed a black plane.

Most planes look like a Tylenol to me.


the current VC-25s have “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” on the side.

Great. Nice gold block letters?

Lightning “flashes”

Big all caps letters that take up probably 70-80 feet of the length of the each side. Plus a big ol’ Presidential Seal between the nose and the wings on the botton half of the side. Inconspicuous it is not, even if the lettering is not gold, but the seal has some gold in it.

Southwest Airlines planes are gold colored:

See how fancy? And it has a bit of red too.

What color is Trump’s personal 757?

Excellent photo.

Gold lettering.

Just change the black paint to blue.

(teeny photo-- George W Bush and Laura Bush)

The Air Force One that was the plane from Kennedy through Clinton is on display at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force in Dayton, Ohio. I don’t know how often the livery was repainted. But if the plane is the same plane in the Bush and Obama photos (rather than just being Air Force One because the President was flying on it), then it seems they each picked out their own livery, although it looks like it didn’t used to be common to change it so frequently.



(Hard to GIS “Ford” and “Air Force One”-- gotta specify “Gerald Ford”)


I have never cared of the baby blue color.

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