Air strike 'kills 82' at Yemen funeral


A Saudi-led coalition air strike has hit a funeral hall in the Yemeni capital Sanaa, killing 82 people according to officials.

More than 500 people were injured, the rebel Houthi-run government

                                                Perhaps it's time for concerned nations to consider airstrikes against Saudi Arabia.





Praying for all.


I doubt this would happen because Americans need oil.


Or could it be that the rebels in Yemen who are waging the war are proxies for Iran hoping to undermine Saudi Arabia?


This is not the only war crime that Saudi Arabia has committed in their war against Yemen. This article from Amnesty International goes into detail on it:


Too many innocent people being killed. Why do the Americans give so much money to Saudi Arabia? It is not right.


I would want more confirmation…it seems there are an awful lot of funerals and weddings in some of these warzones…I’m not doubting it’s possible, just looking for verification.




You do realize that it was Yemeni rebels who killed Mother Theresa’s nuns and the old people that they were caring for, don’t you?

The idea of talking about “war crimes” when dealing with terrorist groups and those who back them is almost comical.




I agree it’s not right but I imagine it has something to do with greed and oil.


Are you saying that war crimes are justified when you are fighting against terrorists?


To speak of war crimes by groups that are acting illegally according to international law in the first place is what is comical. Terrorist, like criminals, by definition do not follow law. Everything they do is a crime. To single out an act of theirs out of the sum total of their actions is akin to condemning Al Capone because he didn’t pay his taxes.


America produces more oil than any other country in the world, so your argument falls flat.


So both sides are criminal. Now, please answer my question. Do you believe that war crimes are justified when they are directed against terrorists?


Maybe you are right. I am not sure if your logic is sound though. Just because the United States produces more oil than Saudi Arabia does not mean that the United States couldn’t be greedy for Saudi Arabian oil.

But anyway, I agree that the rebels in Yemen are likely proxies for Iran who are trying to undermine Saudi Arabia. Nevertheless, that still doesn’t justify Saudi Arabia’s war crimes against the rebels in Yemen.


How can you, by definition, be guilty of a “war crime,” which is a legal term, when fighting against terrorists who are, by definition, acting outside of the law? What rights does an illegal combatant possess who is acting contrary to all international laws?

If an illegal terrorist group is pursuing death and destruction against a legally recognized group/nation, then that group/nation has the right to do whatever is necessary to protect themselves and end the threat. (see the military conflict that is commonly called World War II).

Or do you suggest that even terrorists have certain inalienable legal rights?


Is this revenge for the air strike against the Houthi funeral?

An explosion killed six people and wounded 20 as they attended a funeral service in the Yemeni city of Marib, east of the capital Sanaa, the government-run news agency Saba said on Friday.

The blast occurred as condolences were being paid after the death of Abdulrab al-Shadady, an army general in Marib who was killed a few days ago in fighting with Houthi militia, local officials told Reuters.

Among those killed in Friday’s blast was Salem al-Shadady, the older brother of the general killed earlier, Saba said.


If Obama would ok fracking and the keystone pipeline, we wouldn’t need oil from another country for a thousand years.

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