Airman Loses Legs in Botched Gallbladder Surgery, Future of Career Uncertain


Praying for this young man and his family…

"Airman Loses Legs in Botched Gallbladder Surgery, Future of Career Uncertain

A Texas Airman stationed at an Air Force Base near Sacramento, Calif. has lost both legs after surgeons reportedly botched a routine surgery to remove his gallbladder."…

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[quote=Fox News article]Laproscopic surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that involves making a tiny incision to minimize pain and speed recovery time.

How very sad that such routine, minimal surgery went horribly wrong.

Jessica Read told FOX 40 she is appalled that the Air Force is even considering medical retirement or medical discharge while Airman Read is incapable of making any type of decision. She said he is not 100 percent lucid and is still heavily medicated.

I understand her anger and frustration over the situation. It is horrifying and out of the blue.

But in my experience the military moves slowly on matters of medical discharge/retirement. I don’t think she has to worry about a sudden change for months to come.

I had my wisdom teeth removed in the Air Force, and I strongly suspect the dentist was either a veterinarian or an escaped Nazi…or maybe both. The guy was definitely a butcher, I can tell you that.

Praying for Airman Read, his wife, and his family.

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