Airstrikes have begun in Syria


NBC just confirmed that airstrikes have begun in Syria.

AP: The Pentagon says US and partners begin airstrikes in Syria.

The sky is full drones over Raqqa now
Reports of similar airstrikes on Tabga town and brigade 93 in Ein Essa.
The airstrikes 5/6 concentrated near the ‘governorate building’ ISIS’s main HQ. Meanwhile, sounds of warplanes can be heard clearly

Pentagon Press Sec: US mil & partner forces have begun striking ISIL targets in Syria using mix of fighters, bombers & Tomahawk missiles

U.S. and Allies Hit ISIS Targets in Syria


Sounds good. I just hope that they leave President Assad alone and stay focused on destroying ISIS. We don’t need to create a vacuum in Syria for the Islamic extremists to take over.


Praying for all involved


Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Jordan participating in attack on ISIS in Syria - Fox News

Also Tal Abyad, on the Turkish border, was bombed according to activists there

Jordanian special forces may also participate in limited ground operations - CNN


ABC News
MAP: Up to 20 locations targeted in airstrikes against ISIS in Syria, mostly around Raqqa


It sounds good, it seems most experts don’t think airstrikes is enough, I hope it’s better than doing nothing.


Well if they bomb any of Assad’s forces Syria will be justified in calling on Russia and China for help.


I am as glad as I guess you can be about something like this. And get ready for more beheadings, pilots, military men, etc…but, no, I don’t believe there is any other way. Hopefully we can get enough nations involved to limit our commitment and overrun ISIS more quickly and safely for everybody. It won’t be much longer before Britain, France, etc. start in as well.


Russia and China won’t do anything but protest.


Yes, I’m watching the coverage on CNN and MSNBC, both with their share of retired military leaders expressing their views, as well as some excellent on-the-ground reporters such as Richard Engel. It’s the start of a long airstrike campaign accompanied by a UN-led sort of coalition striking ISIS headquarters for the purpose of destroying their weapons and training camps, hopefully in time before they may have moved some of them and hopefully without too many civilian casualties.


I am glad these middle eastern countries are helping.


Syrian airstrikes included ‘F-22 Raptors, marking the stealthy aircraft’s first appearance in a combat operation.’


If the Iran, Egypt, and turkey get involved on the side of the USA I think something can be accomplished. To know that Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE, Bahrain, and even Qatar are being involved, tells you something, they want Isis out.


I wonder if turkey, Iran, and Egypt will get involved?


NEW YORK — The president of the Syrian National Coalition — whose “moderate rebel forces” President Barack Obama and Congress have committed to help — told me bluntly this morning his fighters will use those stepped-up resources against President Bashar al-Assad’s government forces, not just the Islamic State extremists that the U.S. is targeting.


Don’t kid yourself, this butchery has nothing to do with beheadings. That’s just the narrative you’ve been spoon fed in order to fill you with fear, but it has no connection to actual reality. Saudi Arabia has beheaded approximately 150 people since ISIS began, and the US and Israel are it’s closest allies. When this fact is pointed out to our leaders they attempt to weasel out of it in various sleazy political ways, but only a fool would take them at their word.


WOW! Mind blowing! War in the Middle East. But this one is larger and more complicated. I don’t pretend to understand all of it, I do follow and try to figure it out. All I can say is that this does not sound good in any way, shape, or form. I hate to be a glass half full kinda person but I am also a realist. things do no look good in this world. I told my 28 year old daughter today that this world is a mess. She was like, “SOOOO” I told her she needed to get her spiritual life in order…and that goes for all of us. I also asked her if ISIS came to our front door, what would she do?




What makes you so sure?

Then what does it have to do with? New World Order (BTW I don’t think it’s a conspiracy theory for lunatics)?


So what is this about then, in your view: the upcoming U.S. elections?

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