Akathist to the most holy Theotokos, for you, for Advent!

As we enter into the Advent season, you might like to pray this beautiful chant to the most holy Theotokos the Mother of God.
‘Who contains the Uncontainable!’


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Today is the last day of the Post-Feast of the Entrance of the Theotokos in the Temple


Excerpt from Great Vespers with Litiya for the Feast:


In Tone 1

Today let the heavens above greatly rejoice * and let the clouds pour down gladness * at the mighty and marvellous acts of our God. * For behold, the gate that looks towards the East, * born from a fruitless and barren womb according to the promise, * and consecrated to God as his dwelling, * is now being brought into the temple * as a spotless offering. * Let David greatly rejoice and play on his harp, saying: * Virgins shall be brought to the king after her; * her companions shall be brought into the ark of the Lord * to be nourished with the life of the Incorruptible One* who was begotten from eternity* for the salvation of our souls.

In Tone 4

Today the Theotokos, the Temple that is to contain God,* is being escorted into the temple of the Lord,* and Zechariah receives her.* Today the Holy of Holies greatly rejoices,* and the choir of angels mystically celebrates this feast.* Let us also celebrate with them today* and cry out with Gabriel:* Rejoice, O Full of Grace, the Lord is with you,* and He grants us great mercy.

Come all you people, * and let us praise the only Immaculate One* who was foretold by the prophets* and is being led into the temple.* She was chosen from eternity to be the Mother;* and in time she was revealed as the Theotokos.* O Lord, by her prayers grant us your peace and great mercy.

In Tone 5, Glory… Now…

A day of joy has truly dawned.* It is a most precious feast for us,* because she who was virgin before and after childbirth,* today is offered in the temple. * The aged Zechariah, father of the Forerunner, cries aloud, rejoicing:* The intercessor of those in affliction * comes into the holy temple, since she herself is holy. * She will be sanctified in the abode of the King of all. * Let her father, Joachim, be glad * and let Anne rejoice exceedingly, * because they have offered to God * the immaculate Queen as a three year old child. * Rejoice with them, all you women; * all you virgins and barren ones, dance for joy * and celebrate with them, * for the Queen of all has opened the kingdom of heaven for us. * Let all people be glad and rejoice.


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