Akinator Guessing Game

Go to this site and try it.


This is an online game where you think of someone or something and the site guesses it after a series of questions.

I’m surprised at the amount of right guesses it made even when I was thinking of characters from obscure books, movies, games and so forth. Whether it guessed wrong or not, it gathers data from your answers and allows you to contribute to it’s database. It’s collected quite a bit from what I gather which is why it’s been quite accurate.

I also made some Catholic guesses. First was St. Michael. It guessed I was thinking of the devil (closer than I expected). I checked the character list and it does have St. Michael on the database.

I suspect the last person who thought of St. Michael ticked off the character as “nonexistent” whereas I answered he existed. (of course.) Which probably accounts for the incorrect guess.

Have fun.

It correctly guessed Pope John Paul, II. Elric of Melnibone and Cthulhu. But I stumped it with Tom Delay.

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