Akward Situation / Formal Cooperation with Evil


Is it a sin to invite openly gay couples to your house for a Christmas party/dinner? Would this be formal cooperation with evil?

Assuming it is, what would be the proper course of action for a Catholic whose non-Catholic spouse refuses to ‘uninvite’ the same-sex couple and demands that they are allowed to attend and be made to feel welcome and accepted?



Shunning is not part of our religion. All things being equal, you can invite your gay friends.

Now, I’m also assuming that they’re not showing up, waving rainbow flags and blaspheming God and making out in front of children.



No. A Priest online was once asked this very question about inviting a gay couple to Thanksgiving. He said if you restricted your dinner to non sinners no one would qualify: Those committing adultery, engaging in premarital sex,etc etc.

Invite them and make them feel welcome.


Yes, that makes sense. I did think dinner was ok but I thought I heard it said, somewhere, that allowing a gay couple to sleep over at your home (in the same bed) was a problem. A problem in a similar way that allowing any unmarried couple to share a bed in your home would be a problem. Is that correct? If so what does the Catholic spouse do when his/her non-Catholic spouse is demands that a cohabiting couple sleep over?


No and no.

What makes you think it is?


If you offer them accommodations you do not have to separate them.

Many people choose to have this as a house rule, but in your situation of a spouse who has a differing view it is unlikely that this will be a house rule in your home.

You are not committing any sin. You’ve offered them a bed, what they do is not your issue. Even if in different beds, they could still easily rendezvous for hanky panky if they wanted to.


I would not feel comfortable offering only one bed to a non-married couple; that would seem like an acceptance of the status they are claiming.

Sure, if they were separate they might decide to “rendezvous,” but at least I didn’t contribute to that.


Maybe just give them two different beds if that is possible, saying you don’t feel comfortable for a couple not validly married to sleep together. Assuming you have power over this decision.


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