Al Gore Meets Donald Trump for 'Extremely Interesting' Conversation


Former Vice President Al Gore met with President-elect Donald Trump for what he described as “an extremely interesting conversation” at Trump Tower on Monday. One in which he described as “lengthy and very productive”. A conversation which Gore said is “to be continued”.

Gore said he met with both the president-elect and Ivanka Trump, who reportedly wants to make climate change one of her signature issues.

Gore praised Ivanka Trump’s commitment to the issue, saying her passion was “certainly evident” during the brief conversation they had before his meeting with Trump.

Before running for office, Trump called climate change a hoax “created by and for the Chinese.” However, more recently Trump said he has an “open mind” on the issue in an interview with the New York Times last month.


That is extremely interesting.


I have to admit when I heard the news it made me chuckle. The first priority for the future President was the save the Carrier air-conditioning manufacturing plant in Indiana! Now in a close second on the priority list he is talking with Al Gore over fears of global warming.


The meeting was initially with Ivanka, who has stated she is making climate change her signature issue. Apparently she hopes to expand the role of the First Lady (to include daughters). It appears the President-elect became interested in the meeting as well.


It was never mentioned they talked about climate change.


The Washington Times (SA Miller) noted it was the topic. Which would seem reasonable given the guest.

President-elect Donald Trump met Monday with former Vice President Al Gore and discussed climate change, as the two men with opposing views of the issue sought common ground.

After the meeting at Trump Tower in Manhattan, Mr. Gore gave an upbeat assessment of the powwow.

“I had a lengthy and very productive session with the president-elect. It was a sincere search for areas of common ground,” he told reporters in the lobby.

I wonder if the “common ground” was possibly agreeing pollution is a bad thing. There is no evidence climate change is currently on the President-elects agenda. Ivanka is said to be the one who invited Mr. Gore.


How will she take an active role in his administration while helping to run his businesses without creating a conflict of interest?


I have my doubts how much of a role she can actually play. She may have some hopes to be an ambassador for a specific cause but it is doubtful it will influence this admin.


I wonder that as well.


Maybe they talked about golf?


maybe they talked about recounts! :eek:


I’ve heard Ivanka has said her role is to be a daughter. But what she means by that might be different than what someone else might mean. Ivanka has worked alongside her father for many yrs and all indications are she has been very much a part of his inner circle and is someone who very much has her father’s ear and his trust.


This is hopeful, tho due to Trump’s various interests (and friends’ interests) in fossil fuels, this is a wait and see thing.

There are plenty of ways Trump could address global warming and still maintain planks of his platform, such as keeping businesses here in the US (reducing the need to ship products from China, etc). He could look into the very many ways in which global warming can be addressed that will help the economy and US workers, including shifting to a “green economy.” IFF he is sincere about economic issues and helping the US, and not just helping himself and his rich buddies.

It would be great if he were to bring in energy efficiency experts like Amory Lovins.

Then there might be more hope for life on planet earth.


Imaginably Trump just wanted to see how weird Al Gore really is, first hand.


To be fair, Chelsea would have most likely had a very active role if Hillary was elected.

In today’s political environment, most first children have actually been children. The last famous adult children of a President-elect was George W. Bush and Jeb Bush when George H. W. Bush was elected.

Everyone else has had actual children when they were elected to the White House.


We will see soon, but I think she’s getting out of the Trump Organization. I think Eric and Don will run it. Ivanka is leaving NYC and moving to DC.


In regards to Trump meeting with Gore, I acutally think it’s a good thing. It means Trump is willing to listen to other ideas, even if he’s against them.


Well, we will see in time.

Yet, given this possible appointment to the EPA, I doubt either Ivanka or Al Gore were lobbying for this. :shrug:


Could be in the works. Instead of Melania moving to DC, she and Barron can stay in NY. And Ivanka move to DC to play the role of an active First Daughter.


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